Over 75% of Egyptian Americans Voted For Islamist

Egyptian Muslim immigrants reflect an unprecedented level of radicalization.

While Egyptians inside Egypt were split in their vote in their recent election, Egyptians living in the West were overwhelmingly in support of the Islamist candidate. Indeed, many Egyptian Americans who have dual citizenship and are living in America voted at Egyptian consulates throughout the United States. They did so both in the primary Egyptian elections, which occurred a few weeks ago, and now in the recent final elections for president of Egypt between the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi and the former Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq.

Both Alarabiya TV and Egyptian national TV reported that Egyptian immigrants voted 75% in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the primary. Now in the final elections, again Egyptian immigrants voted over 75% for Mursi. If we consider the Christian Egyptian Americans who voted for the former prime minister of Egypt, the percentage of Muslim Egyptian Americans who voted for Islamists could have reached over 95%.

While voters inside Egypt are almost equally split 50/50 between Sharia and no-Sharia, we find the votes of American Egyptian Muslims reflecting an unprecedented level of radicalization that surpasses most Muslim countries. This should be very troubling to Americans, especially to those who care about Homeland Security.

Over the last 3 or 4 decades, American Islamic groups and mosques have managed to radicalize a large number of Muslim Americans, especially those who attend mosques. While they publicly tell us they are "moderate" and that there is nothing to fear from Islamic law, they turn around in private and hold the banner of jihad and Sharia and command Muslim Americans not to assimilate in America.

Muslim immigrants to the West have, in general, rejected taking the hard role of positively changing their countries of origin and inspiring them with new ideas of freedom, democracy and human rights. Instead, Muslims in America have focused on building mosques with aid from Saudi Arabia rather than protesting against Iran’s execution of apostates and stoning of women. They have focused on defending and lying about Sharia in America rather than teaching values of life liberty and pursuit of happiness to their countrymen. They have focused on a message of anti-Semitism, blaming America and holding Israel apartheid weeks, rather than on assimilating in America, initiating peace dialogue or holding an olive branch out to Jewish students.

Contrary to logic and to the brotherhood of all humans and cultures, American Muslim groups have maintained the same high levels of hate, anger and victim mentality that exists in many areas of the Muslim world. And now Muslim Egyptians in the West have not only ignored the welfare of the 50% Egyptians who do not want to live under Sharia, but have also ignored the reasonable fears from Islam by the American public and instead insulted them as racists and "Islamophobes."

The situation in Egypt is very grim with forces of radical Islam now coming down on anti-Sharia Egyptians from every direction, even from Egyptians in the West. There are reports that many businessmen with their families are already leaving the country on their private planes from Cairo Airport. A couple of friends of mine in Egypt are begging over the phone and by email to get them out of Egypt, as though I have the authority.

With all the internal problems of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood appears to be itching for a confrontation with Israel. It has been reported that the Brotherhood has encouraged missile attacks on Israel from Gaza in coordination with Hamas. Consider that in addition to the missiles striking the Israeli Red Sea city of Ilat last April from the Egyptian Sinai. Furthermore, the Egyptian authorities seized a large number of artillery from civilians in the governorate of Bahariya in the Egyptian Delta.

America must register the fact that American Muslims are more radical than Muslims in many Muslim countries and that this radicalization must be exposed and its source stopped. The U.S. must fight to stop Sharia legally, socially and culturally before we get a demand for Sharia by the growing Muslim population in America. The West must understand that Sharia is rejected and feared by many Muslims in the Middle East and that wherever Sharia is practiced, freedom and democracy cannot exist. The example of Egypt today should be clear as to what America must do to fight Sharia and Islamists and never allow them to flourish. America must never leave the job of fighting Sharia to our children and grandchildren to fight it when it is too late in the streets of America.

What is happening in Egypt today should be a lesson to the West as to what can happen to a once-upon-a-time great civilization that flirted with Sharia.