As UN Head Travels to Iran, Abbas Pledges No Jews In Jerusalem

Why does talk of peace, co-existence and racial harmony only come from the Israelis?

One simply has to watch the words of the leaders in the Middle East to understand why there won’t be peace anytime soon.

“Jerusalem is a Muslim and Christian city, and there will be neither peace nor security until the Israeli occupation, settlements, and settlers leave the city,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday. “Jerusalem's identity is Arab, and the city's and Christian holy sites must be protected from Israeli threats.” He added that Israeli excavation work in Jerusalem and in the Western Wall tunnels beneath the mosque “will not undermine the fact that the city will forever be Arabic, Islamic and Christian.” Abbas concluded that "there will be no peace or stability before our beloved city and eternal capital is liberated from occupation and settlement.”

For all of the talk about peace and co-existence, why does it come only from the Jewish side? Those who speak of Arabs leaving any city are extremists condemned – yet Abbas orders Jews to leave Jerusalem … and no outrage? Since there’s been “peace” with Jordan, how many Jews or Israelis are able to live there? Just sickening as some clamor to make “peace.”  The Zionist visionary Ze’ev Jabotinsky wrote, in an essay called “Peace”: “A noisy whining is now being set up by achorus of ‘peace seekers’ who aim to achieve (by preaching exclusively to Jews) conciliation with the Arabs. It is difficult to free oneself from a feeling of disgust.”

How can peace be made with people who say Jews cannot live anywhere they choose in Jerusalem? As the Jewish hero Irving Moskowitz, who has bought many properties all over Jerusalem, has asked, “If Jews can live in Miami Beach, Moscow, Paris or Melbourne, then why not all areas of Jerusalem?" Is this not “racism” what Abbas speaks of? Yet the world will remain silent. Perhaps the head of the UN is too busy en route to Iran.

A lynch mob of young teen Israelis attacked Arabs in Jerusalem – and the mob was immediately prosecuted by the Israeli authorities.  Netanyahu personally made sure to give a call to Abbas and apologize and condemn the lynch mob. The Israeli press was filled with disgust, media coverage and public sentiment was negative, and streets won’t be named after those who harmed the Arabs. Even the right-wing Jerusalem Post denounced the attack as a “racist mob attack.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu said: “This goes against our way, and we condemn it in word and deed." "This is not our way," continued Netanyahu. "We will quickly bring to justice those responsible for this reprehensible incident. We say as clearly as possible: The State of Israel is a democratic and enlightened state in which when we come across acts such as these, the entire state and all of its leaders come out together against such phenomena, and we will continue to do so."

Yet when Palestinians kill Jews, specifically as suicide bombers, they get glorified on TV, children get to learn about them in children's books and they name squares and public places after terrorists who went after innocent Jewish women and children only because they are Jewish. That is the difference between a civilized nation and culture contrasted with a culture based on barbarism and death; a culture that celebrates the death of its enemies more than it cherishes the life of its citizens.

There is no equivalency. As Golda Meir said many years ago, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”