Speak Out on Never Again Day - September 27th

A call to action for individuals concerned over the absence of "red lines" for Iran.

Just before the onset of the Jewish New Year holy day of Rosh Hashanah, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a warning to the world media that Iran has entered the red zone. That is a reference to IAEA reports confirming that Iran has accelerated nuclear enrichment at the Fordo cascade hall with thousands of centrifuges buried inside a mountain near the holy city of Qom.  Netanyahu drew attention to intelligence that, at the current pace, Iran will have enough fissile material for several nuclear bombs in less than six to seven months.  He has entreated President Obama and Secretaries Panetta at Defense and Clinton at State to set red lines beyond which possible military action might be taken against Iran’s nuclear weapons program.  Secretary of State Clinton has said in response to PM Netanyahu’s statement that the US will not set red lines. Panetta had earlier said that the US would act only when there is clear evidence that Iran is assembling a nuclear device.

Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak believe that waiting for Iran to assemble nuclear devices may be too late. Iran’s Supreme Leader, President Ahmadinejad and Revolutionary Guard commanders have publicly threatened to incinerate Israel in a nuclear attack-a second Holocaust.  Netanyahu has said "why wait?"  While he has spoken with President Obama about this urgent matter, the President has not yet scheduled a meeting with PM Netanyahu during the 67th UN General Assembly session that recently opened in New York City.

In an interview with NBC’s David Gregory on Meet The Press on Sunday, September 16th, Netanyahu remarked:

I heard some people suggest, David, I actually read this in the American press. They said, "Well, you know, if you take action, that's a lot worse than having Iran with nuclear weapons." Some have even said that Iran with nuclear weapons would stabilize the Middle East. I think the people who say this have set a new standard for human stupidity.

(Watch the Meet the Press interview with PM Netanyahu.)

The crocodiles are gathering once again at the UN General Assembly to feed on Israel.

On the 25th Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority will introduce a resolution seeking declaration of an illegal Palestinian state. On the 26th, while Jews around the world are observing the holiday of Yom Kippur, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will once again ascend the rostrum at the General Assembly to denounce the United States and threaten the Jewish State of Israel with nuclear annihilation. As usual groups from the northeastern US will rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in Manhattan protesting these attempts to extinguish Israel’s existence with little more than local New York regional news coverage. That is why a group of activists are calling for rallies in communities across the US on what they have called "Never Again Day" September 27th, the day following the conclusion of the Holiest day in the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur.

Here is what you can do.

Rally in your communities at Noon on September 27, 2012 - Never Again Day

This year, you can make a difference that has a global impact by acting locally. September 27th has been designated as Never Again Day.  On that day, no matter where you are, groups are being called upon to gather in front of the local campaign offices of President Obama and register your concerns. The President must understand that the American people demand better treatment of Israel and wish to fight against threats to its existence. We must call upon the President to immediately establish “Red Lines” and end all sanction exemptions for Iran’s trading partners.

By sacrificing your lunch hour on the 27th and going to local Obama for President campaign offices you can draw local media attention all across this county.  We urge you to reach out to like-minded friends of America and Israel in your community and ask them to gather with you to make your voice heard.

Go to the NeverAgainDay.com or facebook.com/neveragainday to find the location of the President Obama campaign office in your locality, and keep checking in for updates.   You will find further information to spread the word about this unique means of protesting the world’s indifference to the threats to America and Israel’s existence.  By rallying at President Obama’s local campaign offices you will send an important message to President Obama.

Remember the date and time: September 27, 2012, at Noon in your respective time zones to rally at local Obama for President campaign offices on Never Again Day.

Has there been a precedent for such a nationwide call to action regarding Israel?  Nine years ago this writer was one of a group of activists who assembled rallies at local National Public Radio outlets across the US protesting alleged biases in reporting on Israel and Middle East issues. Rallies were held in more than three dozen locations throughout the US. Did that call to action work?  The one-day protest caught the attention of the media and NPR programming officials. Those officials tried to persuade the organizers that NPR provided fair and balanced coverage. For more than two weeks following the protest events, they received phone calls and emails from the NPR Vice President for news.  To this day we remain unconvinced about NPR’s Israel news coverage.  Nevertheless, clearly the protesters had touched a nerve.

On September 27th at Noon join fellow citizens at the local campaign offices for President Obama.  Protest the Obama administration’s refusal to establish “red lines” for action against a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic of Iran.  Iran’s leaders have threatened to use nuclear weapons to incinerate Israel in a second Holocaust and disable America with an electronic magnetic pulse attack.  Think that Iran’s leaders are rational?   Reza Kahlili, an ex-CIA agent whose knows them, says they are “crazy.”  Note what he said in a recent interview:

I believe that because of their belief in the end of times and that the time is close at hand for Imam Mahdi to re-appear, they will get the bomb. They will use the bomb. They will destroy Israel. They will collapse the global economy. They believe at that time the Shiite 12th Imam will reappear and conquer the world for Islam.

For directions to the Obama campaign offices in your area go to NeverAgainDay.com.  

By rallying at President Obama’s local campaign offices you will send an important message to President Obama to act before it is too late. So on September 27th join others concerned about stopping a nuclear Iran and rally at the Obama campaign office near you.

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