Teachers Union & Socialists Join Forces to Protest Chicago School Closings

A glimpse into the leftist coalition pulling the levers of power in major American cities.

On March 27, 2013, Richard J. Daley Plaza in Chicago was the stage for a gathering of an eclectic group of people that included liberal politicians, other powerful local and national figures, and some of the most radical groups in the country. The demonstration was in reaction to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to close more than one hundred schools, angering the city's far-left factions.

Since Mayor Emanuel's announcement last week, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has been beside itself. That fury spilled out during the rally. Standing beside the CTU were many of the usual suspects, including Operation Push.

The main attraction was the presence of Jesse Jackson Sr. along with the CTU president, Karen Lewis.

There were also representatives of unions like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Also in attendance were a number of radical groups including members of socialist and communist organizations. For instance, the International Socialist Organization was making its way through the crowd selling the Socialist Worker (socialistworker.org), with the current issue’s headline being, “Fund Our Schools, Don’t Close Them.”

At this table, there is an assortment of socialist literature available:

Here’s a protestor holding a sign sponsored by the Socialist Worker:

That protestor was from the group Action Now, one of the most visible at the rally. Another socialist newspaper, the People’s Tribune, was also present.

Here’s a budding young Marxist with a sign made by the Socialist Worker:

The rally concluded by spilling into the streets of downtown Chicago just after five PM during the worst of rush hour. Jesse Jackson and CTU President Karen Lewis happily contributed to the chaos.

Finally, in a symbolic act of disobedience, some of the protestors sat in the middle of a blocked-off street.

It wasn’t all serious at the protest, however. This high school marching band gave everyone a moment of levity.

While the school closures in Chicago may seem to involve only local issues, the protest offered a clear glimpse into one of the most powerful segments of the Left. One of the biggest supporters of the Democratic Party, teachers unions routinely act in concert with open socialists -- because their agendas and leadership merge to an alarming degree. While both claim to represent the interests of "the children" and the downtrodden, their real interest is exploiting the vulnerable to advance the principles of socialism.

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