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I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Superman film, Man of Steel. Everything I’ve seen and heard about it looks like it’ll be a good movie that will be a big hit and make a Lot of money. That would make its star very happy. British actor Henry Cavill is playing the iconic American superhero, the first superhero, and besides looking the part, he also has a great attitude about money, one that’s not at all typical for actors. In an interview with British GQ, he says:

"God, all those people who say, “Oh no, the money doesn’t matter.’ Yeah, right. They’re either mad, or they’re lying. I mean, come on. “Oh no, don’t pay me anything, it’s for the arts.” I’m sorry, no. Pay me the money. I’m not doing it for charity. I’m not a nonprofit organization. Plus it’s expensive flying back and forward to LA. You need a job that pays money.”

And then there’s this from his co-star, Michael Shannon, who’s playing Superman villain, General Zod:

“I really admire Henry’s work ethic… I really haven’t seen anybody in this business work quite that hard. Obviously it’s a tremendous responsibility, and an intimidating one, to wear that suit. But he had the confidence and the work ethic to accomplish it.”

Good to hear that the actor playing Superman not only loves making money, and isn’t shy to say so, but it seems like he works hard to earn it as well.

June 14th. Can’t wait.