Drowning Out All Things Benghazi

Obama's trying to drown out the Benghazi Whistleblowers the way he drowned out the cries for help from the Americans who died there.

Just as Barack Benghazi Obama drowned out the cries for help of four Americans who ended up dying in Benghazi, he now thinks he can drown out the whistleblower/s who are now coming forward to tell us what Obama doesn’t want us to know about what really happened that night.

As I’ve said in my six previous Benghazi-related posts at Front Pagemag.com, (Find them in my Cartoon Corner archives) Obama has to pay for what he didn’t do on the night of September 11, 2012. He can’t be allowed to get away with it, and the more he attempts to ignore it and threaten the whistleblowers, the guiltier he seems to be of consciously having committed a major dereliction of duty.

If this had been a Republican president…..


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