Bosch Fawstin: Twitter Suspends Me Again

Marvel’s Muslim superhero comic book, Ms. Marvel, cannot be criticized or questioned.

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Twitter has suspended me again. The last time was in January, 2018. Strangely, they thought they could oust me without citing any particular tweet of mine. I challenged them a number of times, demanding why they suspended me, and every response was that my suspension stood. A number of my friends and supporters caused an online backlash, demanding that Twitter restore my account, and after a few days, Twitter wrote me that my suspension was a “mistake”. It was definitely a mistake, as I’ve never threatened anyone, and I criticize “hateful conduct”, I don’t engage in it. But I figured that they would pull it again, and they have.

Now, they accuse me of “hateful conduct”, and like last time, they’re ignoring my challenges to my suspension, replying that my suspension stands. But unlike last time, they cited a particular tweet/reply of mine to someone on Twitter who took exception to my criticism of Marvel Comics and their Muslim superhero character. If you’re not aware that Marvel Comics is engaging in Islamic propaganda, I’ve been writing against it since they began a number of years ago.

Here’s the gist: Marvel’s Muslim superhero comic book, Ms. Marvel, is being published during wartime, while Muslims are on the warpath, and the comic book, which has been around for about four years, completely avoids the Only reason we began to discuss Islam: Jihad. I take great exception to that, as an American and as a cartoonist who writes and draws a comic book that takes on Islam and Jihad, The Infidel, featuring Pigman. If you don’t know, I’m a recovered Muslim, and the winner of the Mohammad Cartoon Contest. Jihadists came to kill those of us at the event and died for it. I mention this to show that I’m committed to this fight of telling the truth about the enemy and his ideology, despite death threats.

And speaking of death threats, I reported two death threats that I got from Muslims on Twitter, and Twitter did Nothing about them, leaving their accounts intact. Let that sink in.

Back to Marvel. Marvel fancies itself as telling stories about “the world outside of our window”, but they completely ignore the war that is literally outside of their window in Manhattan. Comic books used to take on America’s enemies. Now, both Marvel and DC Comics publish Muslim superheroes, while completely ignoring Jihad, and presenting a false, benign version of Islam to readers. It’s the equivalent of them publishing German and Japanese superheroes during World War Two, without any mention of the war that was going on, in the comics.

Here’s the full context of my tweet that supposedly did me in on Twitter:

The head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, was asked by someone on the BBC, if Marvel’s Muslim superhero will appear in Marvel’s movies. And Feige answered yes. I ask why. The heroes in Marvel’s films have been around for over sixty years in the comic books, so they’ve stood the test of time, and making movies with them makes sense. This Muslim superhero barely sold 13,000 copies of her comic book last month, which are cancellation numbers, so she’s unpopular, no matter Marvel’s propaganda that she’s “popular”. There’s No demand for Muslim superheroes, not even by Muslims. But the coward leftists at Marvel Comics who allowed Marvel’s Muslim editor, Sana Amanat, to shoe-horn a Muslim superhero into Marvel’s lineup, are too afraid to cancel the comic book. And now, Marvel Studios is too afraid to answer “no” to a question about her being in the movies. (Amanat is now Marvel’s Director of Content and Character Development. She actually wears a Yassir Arafat scarf at comic book conventions.)

So I tweeted about it, calling out Marvel for continuing to publish this Islamic propaganda comic book while Muslims continued murdering in the name of Islam, and how callous that was of them. I naturally got a number of Muslim and Islamophiles responding to me, and Twitter decided that my reply in the attached screenshot was cause to oust me for “hateful conduct”.

Last time they pulled this, they claimed it was a “mistake” after a few days. This time? I don’t know. I’ve built a following of 14,000 on Twitter, and it’s been a good platform to spread the word about my work. We’ll see what happens.

Update: The latest response I got from Twitter to one of my challenges is news to me. That my “account has been suspended due to multiple or repeat violations of the Twitter Rules”. The first time they suspended me in January, they claimed it was a “mistake”. And now, I’m only given one tweet as the reason for my suspension. It is a tweet that doesn’t threaten anyone, and doesn’t have any “hateful content”. Instead, it’s a response to the hateful conduct of the enemy and their helpers, like Marvel Comics.

And yet, now Twitter claims that my suspension is based on “multiple and repeat violations”, without any references to any of these so-called “multiple and repeat violations”. This is a smear job. When they ignore death threats to me, and ban me from their platform, they show their hand. As I often say, they’re a private company that can do whatever they want, but they’re dishonest about their policies.

The leftists at Twitter give leftists and Muslims a pass when they post hateful content and death threats, while they punish those on the right for things that would be considered at most minor infractions. Twitter wouldn’t be the giant social media company it is if they were honest about their secret policies of targeting those on the right for banning, or shadow-banning (secretly crippling the reach of accounts). They’re engaged in fraud, and their claim that they’re “politically neutral” is as naked a lie as “Islam means peace.”

I would appreciate all of your support. Thanks so much.


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