There’s No Terrorism Like Islamic Terrorism, Despite the Left’s Lies

What, exactly, constitutes a “right-wing terrorist attack”?

Leftists, who are natural suckers for America’s enemies, downplay Islamic terrorism and leftist terrorism by citing a dishonest government study that claims that there’s no terrorism like so-called “right-wing” terrorism in America.

Remember, our government, media, academia, entertainment and culture at large, all push the lie that “Islam means peace”, so they will always downplay the endless attacks by Muslims in America, and not list them as Islamic terrorism. So what they do is claim that these Muslims have “mental health problems”, which is why many attacks by Muslims aren’t categorized as Islamic terrorism, which diminishes their number on record, while any attacks that are not by Muslims or leftists are classified as “right-wing”, no matter how tenuous their claim.

Another way leftists downplay Islamic terrorism, (and left-wing terrorism) while playing up “right-wing” and “white” terrorism is by conveniently and deviously citing terrorist attacks after 9/11/01. That way, they can make it appear that they’re telling the truth when they lie that “right-wing”/”white” terrorism is deadlier than all other terrorism in America the way Donald Lemon did. It’s a lie, a typical leftist lie, and that lie is as pushed by them as the lie that “Islam means peace”. And I notice that not even those on the right are willing to mention the most obvious cover up here: that growing left wing terrorism is being covered up. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are just the most recent leftist terrorist groups, and leftists like Donald Lemon naturally defend them. And there are also the hundreds of recorded acts of violence by leftists across America in the last few years. And CNN’s leftist Chris Cuomo also justifies Antifa’s violence as being “moral” and on “the right side”.

What are the names of the “right-wing” terrorist groups that we’re told dominate terrorism, as opposed top the endless Islamic terrorist groups?

Donald Lemon, on CNN: “So, we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right. And we have to start doing something about them. There is no travel ban on them. There is no ban on  — they had the Muslim ban. There is no white guy ban. So, what do we do about that?”

Racist Donald Lemon chooses to make this a race issue, and yet you never hear him refer to ubiquitous Muslim terrorism by the race of its perpetrators, as most Muslim terrorists are non-white.

Another leftist hack, politician Corey Booker, told CNN in January, “In American history since 9/11, we’ve had 85 major attacks in our country, 73 percent of them have been by white nationalist hate groups.” As I noted above, this lying leftist cites the study that conveniently and deviously begins on 9/11, in order to downplay or even exonerate Islamic terrorism, and not even mentioning leftist terrorism, in order to conveniently make it appear that his political opponents are the most dangerous terrorists around.

As for what constitutes a “right-wing terrorist attack”, according to the GAO (Government Accountability Office), which is almost guaranteed to be made up of leftist bureaucrats whose job it is to rewrite history for their political gain, they list as one particular “right-wing terrorist attack” that a “white supremacist member of Aryan Brotherhood killed a man”. (I don’t even concede the idea, as some do, that any “white supremacist” is “right-wing”, because Nazis were leftists, as were the KKK, and leftists have spent an inordinate amount of time hiding that fact and projecting it onto the right.) This alleged “right-wing terrorist attack” doesn’t sound like a terrorist attack at all, as this article points out. Have any of the terrorist attacks by Black Lives Matters and Antifa been categorized as terrorist attacks by the GAO? I highly doubt it. This is a naked hit job to cover up the massive terrorism of Muslims and of leftists, and to smear the right, and to do so in racist terms.

Nearly every “terrorist attack” by the “right” on the GAO list are individual murders that would only be classified as so-called “hate crimes” by less rabid leftists.

And again, when our culture at large wants to believe “Islam means peace”, the way to buttress that myth is for our authorities and media to not call Islamic terrorist attacks what they are, but to redefine them as cases having to do with “mental illness”. And with the frequency of Islamic terrorist attacks, along with the dishonesty of the GAO, then the most common terrorism in America (and the world) is Mental illness Terrorism, which is a ludicrous classification, so ludicrous that leftists have yet to use that term. Yet.

One more reason that you Know the GAO is a leftist smear job operation: leftists cite it as if their lives depend on it. Their lies depend on it.

Here’s something I wrote in 2011, to show that this leftist effort to smear the right and exonerate Islam and Muslims is nothing new:

Individual Lone Wolf Terrorists vs Islamic Terrorist Groups. The left wing media likes non-Muslim terrorists, even if there aren’t many, because they use them as a bludgeon against right-wingers, even if the terrorist himself is left-wing. Right after a rare non-Islamic terrorist attack, they trip over themselves to get the words "right-winger", "Christian", “white” or anything Un-Islamic out there ASAP as a way to prove, to themselves, that there aren't world-wide, organized, state-sponsored Jihadist Terrorist groups that are responsible for 99.9% of all the terrorist acts in the world.


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