In Sweden, a glimpse of America’s future

Kowtowing to Islam inch by inch.

Not so many years ago, the notion that a hijab-wearing jihad enthusiast like Linda Sarsour could become a leading figure in the American feminist movement would have seemed risible. The spectacle of a congresswoman, also in hijab, who routinely spouted anti-Semitic rhetoric and gave speeches to groups with known terrorist connections, would have been unimaginable. But here we are. And the important thing to realize is that, unless things change radically, this is just the beginning. Before you know it, three Muslim members of Congress can turn into five, then ten, then twenty. There are now fifteen Muslims in the British Parliament, up from thirteen in 2015 and eight in 2010.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, the taxpayer-funded TV network, SVT, now has a Stockholm-based news reporter who appears on-camera in hijab. As the alternative news website Samnytt reported recently, the young woman, who goes by the name Cheyma Moufid, began work as an intern at SVT last September and has been a full-time SVT journalist since January, doing remotes as well as in-studio reportage. In one report, Moufid, who is 23 years old, charged that the municipality of Stockholm was doing a less thorough job of clearing snow in Muslim neighborhoods than in other parts of the city. She presented this disparity as evidence of racism. Anyone familiar with the current state of affairs in those Muslim areas, however, might conclude, alternately, that snow removal teams avoid them for the same reason that police and firefighters do – namely, because they’re no-go zones, sharia zones, where infidel interlopers are not exactly treated with hospitality.

Who is Cheyma Moufid? First of all, Samnytt was able to deduce that her given name isn’t really Cheyma – it’s Tjejma. Why, you ask, would she appear on TV under an assumed name? Could it because she is, as Samnytt was also able to find out, the daughter of one Kamel Moufid, a Tunisian immigrant who is an imam at a mosque, the Imam Ali Center, in the Stockholm suburb of Järfälla. The mosque, which other sources describe as having close ties to the genocidally anti-Semitic regime in Iran, and which has called on the Swedish government to limit freedom of expression and forbid criticism of religion, made headlines in 2010 when one of its members, Sahbi Zalouti, also Tunisian in origin, was arrested for being involved in plans to invade the Copenhagen offices of Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper famous for publishing the Muhammed cartoons in 2005, and to behead its journalists. How fitting that a young woman with a family connection to such a terrorist plot should herself end up as a member of the fourth estate, speaking Islamic truth to infidel power in her own modest way: instead of beheading Danish disrespecters of the prophet, she’s accusing snow-removal crews of Islamophobia.

Samnytt also explored Ms. Moufid’s social-media activity, and discovered that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. On a now-deleted Twitter account, she regularly assailed Israel. On Facebook, she shared a post by Rashid Musa, a Muslim leader in Sweden who, after the Christmas market attack in Berlin on December 19, 2016, in which twelve people were killed and four dozen wounded, Musa commented: "who was it that said Mondays are sad?" Ms. Moufid has also expressed the view that members of the Sweden Democrat party, which supports limits on Muslim immigration, are more likely to be criminals than are the children of immigrants. On Instagram, Ms. Moufid follows Islamic Relief Sweden, which Israel and the United Arab Emirates categorize as a funder of terrorism.  

The important part of this story is that it took Samnytt, a website devoted largely to news about Islam, to uncover and report the facts about Ms. Moufid. Samnytt‘s exposé appeared on March 21. I have found no sign that any of Sweden’s mainstream media – SVT included – have commented on the story. In fact the only hits I could find on SVT’s website when performing a search on Ms. Moufid’s fake name predate Samnytt‘s report. One of them was a story from last October stating that an incident in which stones had been thrown at a police car in the largely Muslim neighborhood of Husby was a one-off and not indicative of any particular “pattern” – never mind that mass stonings, car-burnings, and other such mischief are frequent occurrences in Muslim parts of Sweden. In November, Ms. Moufid wrote an article asserting that every student of immigrant origin in a suburban Stockholm high school had been subjected to “racism” and “xenophobia” – this in a region where, as has been amply documented, the real victims in schools are Jews, gays, girls, and other ethnic Scandinavians who are constantly being bashed, beaten, or sexually harassed by Muslim youths.

There’s more. In December, an item about a company that had won a “diversity” award was accompanied by a photograph, taken by Ms. Moufid, of a dozen women, several in hijab, the nature of whose “diversity” apparently being that only one of them looked as if she might possibly be Swedish. Then there was an article, also published in December, in which Ms. Moufid complained that Stockholm officials had failed to hire local residents to work as interns on the construction of the police station in the Muslim enclave of Rinkeby. As with the snow-removal scoop, this failure might well be explained by the fact that the police station in Rinkeby is less an ordinary police station than a fortress in the middle of hostile territory. Because of the dicey location, the government, as reported in March 2017, had trouble finding a contractor willing to take on the job of building the thing; once that problem was overcome and the job gotten underway, the construction workers, sure enough, found themselves being pelted with stones, To hire Rinkeby locals to work on this project would thus be like hiring Mexican troops to defend the Alamo.

In any case, it’s pretty clear that Ms. Moufid is now working SVT’s Islamophobia beat. It’s also clear that her job is safe. Although a few Swedish bloggers did weigh in on the revelations in Samnytt – one of them pointing out that Ms. Moufid’s hijab violates SVT’s own rules against wearing attire that might distract from the news being reported – SVT has apparently declined to comment on its new hire. Nor, as far as I’ve been able to determine, has anybody in the professional Swedish commentariat expressed concern that SVT has employed a fervent supporter of jihad. To be sure, they may have private misgivings about Ms. Moufid’s role at SVT, but what kind of person with a job in Sweden’s mainstream media would ever dare to speak up about such a matter? To have such a job is, by definition, to have bought into the new Swedish order; it is to understand that articulating qualms about a jihad-friendly newswoman is racist, and can lose you your reputation and livelihood. Besides, if you have any sense, you know that in a few years the entire SVT operation may well be run by one of Ms. Moufids’s fellow believers – so you might as well get accustomed now to the idea of kowtowing to Islam.


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