Candace KO's Dems

Stunned Democrats didn't know what hit them.

“The media and the journalists on the Left are not interested in telling the truth about me because I don’t fit the stereotype of what they like to see in black people. I am a Democrat. I support the President of the United States and I advocate for things that are actually affecting the black community.”

That was Candace Owens of Turning Point USA in her opening statement to the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. The African American conservative, 29, had not come alone.

“The person sitting behind me is my 75-year-old grandfather,” Owens told the committee. “He grew up in an America where words like racism and white nationalism held real meaning under the Democratic Party’s Jim Crow laws.” Her grandfather, Owens said, “has also had experiences with the Democrat terrorist organization of that time, the Ku Klux Klan. They would regularly visit his home and they would shoot bullets into it.”

Owens continued, “there isn’t a single adult today that in good conscience would make the argument that America is a more racist, more white nationalist society than it was when my grandfather was growing up, and yet we are hearing these terms center around today because what they want to say is that brown people need to be scared, which seems to be the narrative that we hear every four years right ahead of a presidential election.”

The hearing, Owens said, “is not about white nationalism or hate crimes. It is about fear mongering, power and control. It is a preview of a Democrat 2020 election strategy.” According to Owens, “The biggest scandal in American politics is that Democrats have been conning minorities into the belief that we are perpetual victims, all but ensuring our failure. Racial division and class warfare are central to the Democrat party platform. They need blacks to hate whites, the rich to hate the poor. Soon enough it will be the tall hating the short.”

That concluded Owens’ opening statement, but in the course of the hearing the witness said the committee reduced her bio to one sentence. “I just think that you opened with anti-black bias and I see it coming from the chairman today,” Owens said, a reference to committee boss Jerrold Nadler. Stunned Democrats didn’t know what hit them.

California Democrat Ted Lieu quickly deployed the reductio ad Hitlerum, playing a clip on his phone in which Owens said, “You know, he was a national socialist, but if Hitler had just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine.”

After playing the clip, Lieu asked Eileen Hershenov, senior vice president for policy at the Anti-Defamation League, whether people's attempts to “legitimize” Hitler fed into “white nationalist ideology.” Hershenov, a person of no color who once worked for the ACLU, said “it does.”

Lieu did not play the rest of the clip, in which Owens said Hitler “had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize.” Later in the hearing Owens said “I think it’s pretty apparent that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip,” and taking it out of context was “unbelievably dishonest.” Chairman Nadler rapped his gavel and reactionary Democrats had plenty of company in the media.

“Candace Owens, a know-nothing flibbertigibbet who has gained a certain amount of wingnut cred over the past several years, basically through the threadbare old argument that it is Democrats who are The Real Racists.” That was person of no color Charles Pierce of Esquire, who seemed rather ignorant about racists in the Democrat party.

At their 1976 convention, Democrats were touting a “favorite son,” but it wasn’t Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern or Ted Kennedy. The favorite son was Sen. Robert Byrd, West Virginia Democrat, who announced he “would not reject the nomination.”

In 1942, when he was 25, Byrd formed a new Ku Klux Klan chapter in Sophia, West Virginia, and in 1944 wrote to segregationist Sen. Theodore Bilbo, Mississippi Democrat: “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

Byrd rose to the rank of Exalted Cyclops and in 1946, wrote to the Klan’s Grand Wizard that “The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation.” So when the Klan was in decline Byrd aimed to be a KKK revivalist. It was only in 1952, when he ran for Congress, that Byrd claimed he dropped his Klan membership. 

In 1964, Senator Byrd led a filibuster against the Civil Rights Act and the next year he opposed the Voting Rights Act. Like his Ku Klucker past, that did not impede his rise in the Democrat party. In 1971, Byrd defeated Ted Kennedy to become Democratic whip. Byrd was majority leader from 1977-1981 and 1987-1989, and served a record 51 years in the Senate.  After his death in 2010 at the age of 92, former First Lady Hillary Clinton called Byrd her “friend and mentor” and Democrats avoided any mention of his career as a prominent Ku Klucker.

As Candace Owens said, the Ku Klux Klan was the “Democrat terrorist organization” of her grandfather’s time. On the other hand, a Ku Kluxer served as Democrat Senate boss and became the friend and mentor of Hillary Clinton, the Democrat candidate for president in 2016.

Candace Owens deserves tremendous credit for her candor and bravery - and for calling out the Democrats on who they really are, and on what their true agenda really is. In the hearing, even through she scored a knockout, she also clearly held back, since she could have buried the Democrats even further by addressing the influence on them from Nation of Islam boss Louis Farrakhan, who is on record saying that Hitler was a “great man” and that Jews are “satanic.”

Rep. James Clyburn, third-highest ranking House Democrat, shared a stage with Farrakhan and refused to condemn the racist anti-Semite. In 2005, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama took a smiling photo with Farrakhan and during his time in the Senate met with the Nation of Islam leader. So in the Democrat party, the influence goes right to the top, something to remember going into 2020.

With Candace Owens around, the American people will be doing a lot of remembering on that score. And this true civil rights leader merits much praise for that.


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