Who is Daniel Greenfield?

"Sultan Knish may be the most influential pundit writing about the Trump Administration today."

Republished from The Latest

Blogger Daniel Greenfield, aka Sultan Knish, declares that his work is guided by George Orwell's statement: "We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men." 

Greenfield started a personal blog in 2005 in reaction to his experience in downtown Manhattan, where he lived and worked on 9/11.

"It was pretty much like a war ... people gathered listening to radios ... people came out covered in ash ... we just kept walking uptown ..." The trauma led to a career transition from IT to writing. 

In 2011, David Horowitz read his blog and hired him, publishing Greenfield's pamphlet The Great Betrayal, which criticized how President Obama was conducting the Afghan and Iraq wars. Hhe felt Obama was undermining the Global War on Terror.

"I didn't drink the Kool-Aid," he said.

FrontpageMag.com has run his daily column, The Point, ever since.  

Greenfield's work has appeared in the Canada Free PressIsrael National News, the Jewish PressRight Side News and outlets including FOX Nation and the NY Sun. He's been on Tucker Carlson Tonight and FOX Business, as well as dozens of YouTube videos.

A Google name search finds over 250,000 links, evidence of his wide influence.

This mild-mannered Israeli-born, Brooklyn-raised Talmudic scholar became an incredibly prolific and influential journalist, yet remains obscure outside conservative circles, unlike White House speechwriter and fellow David Horowitz alumnus Stephen Miller ... even after the Southern Poverty Law Center listed Greenfield as a "Hate Group" (of one).

Greenfield appears motivated by love of the Jewish People, Israel, and America, which he feels is targeted by the forces that attacked New York. He fears Political Correctness is a "major problem" and "it was inevitable for the Democratic Party to become anti-Semitic as it became Leftist."

"The incursion of Islamic terror was a symptom of the corruption of our society" which results from a civilization's collapse, "the cumulative toll of a society losing its senses."

"I'm not optimistic or pessimistic," Greenfield told me. "What I am is realistic."

He believes that President Trump shares this approach.

"Trump has been able to tell it like it is, because he's not part of the political establishment like Bush." As evidence he cites the President's immigration proposals. "The Muslim travel ban is basic common sense ... but doing anything large scale has been very tough."

Failure of the Liberal imagination is to blame, because "we don't process threats that aren't like us." Therefore, Islamic terrorism "has gotten worse" since 9/11, now "deeply embedded in America" due to "using the military to fight an unconventional war driven by ideology."

Greenfield is writing a book about conflicts between Left and Right to avert "the coming Civil War." 

"When you adopt Alinskyism, it corrupts. You can't imitate the Left's tactics and expect them to work." He cites Eric Hoffer, Richard Fernandez, Victor Davis Hanson and David Horowitz as influences.

"What Ayn Rand was to some people, Eric Hoffer is to me."