If Facebook Were Actually Concerned With Violent And Dangerous People On Its Platform...

It would honestly deal with the question: "Dangerous to whom?"

If Facebook were actually concerned with violent and dangerous people on its platform. . .

It would be targeting and banning Muslims who, more than any other group, threaten to murder people on their platform. None on Facebook, or in the world, are more violent than Muslims, and they habitually threaten to rape and murder on Facebook without paying a price for it. 

And I’m well aware that I have no right to be on Facebook, but unlike those who state that fact as if that’s the end all and be all, I have the right to criticize Facebook for its fraudulent practices. 

And let me repeat this: I don’t want our corrupt government coming in to regulate a corrupt social media platform. Facebook is justifiably paying a price for its corrupt policies by losing users, and it will eventually pay the ultimate price for it by being supplanted by a far better and more honest platform.  

I’m back on Facebook today (for the moment) after my latest 30 day ban. None of the bans that I’ve been hit with on social media have been justified, and all were made under a false pretense. I’m not “violent”, nor do I ever call for violence against others. I am not “dangerous”, no matter how dangerous my enemies think my work is to their agenda. The first time they banned me was after I won the AFDI Mohammad cartoon contest. I can surmise that after Muslims failed to murder me right after I was announced the winner of the contest, that Muslims on Facebook wanted to at least “murder” my Facebook account, by bitching and moaning about me, and reporting me for who knows what reason, and it worked, as my account disappeared. But then there was a huge online backlash against Facebook and they reinstated my account, claiming it was a “mistake”. And since then, Facebook has been banning me regularly. For a day, a week, to now frequent 30 day bans. 

So while Facebook claims to go after so-called “violent” and “dangerous” accounts, after YEARS of allowing these “violent” and “dangerous” accounts on their platforms (Why?!) it ignores the thousands of Muslims on Facebook who threaten to rape and murder me on their platform, and Facebook has taught Muslims that they can threaten people on their platform with impunity. The leftists at Facebook ignore the truly violent and dangerous people and mainly target their political adversaries on the right, particularly those who they believe have hurt their agenda by exposing it. Facebook isn’t concerned with those who’ve never written anything they consider worth suppressing, they’re only concerned with those who effectively challenge their dishonest leftist agenda, which includes propping up Islam as if it were their own religion, but which actually opposes almost everything they claim to value. 

Just the other day, leftist Twitter (which banned me for good for criticizing Marvel’s Islamic propaganda) celebrated the beginning of Ramadan with a cute cartoony graphic, while completely ignoring the fact that Muslims were celebrating the 700 rockets launched into Israel by Muslims, in order to kill random Israelis. These endless tributes to Islam, which motivates the jihad on civilization, is enemy propaganda brought to us by our leftist domestic enemy for the Islamic foreign enemy. 

I don’t engage in “hate speech” because there’s no such thing as “hate speech”. There’s only Free Speech. But that doesn’t stop leftists from defining speech that they hate as “hate speech” that they need to “do something about”. 

I was just banned for a month by Facebook for promoting my book, Peaceful Death Threats, which is filled with screenshots of rape threats and death threats made to me on Facebook by Muslims in response to my Mohammad cartoons, and which inspired my 60 new Mohammad cartoons in my book. And to see non-leftists actually applauding Facebook for its dishonest banning of so-called “far-right” individuals for being “violent” and “dangerous”, when they’re not, makes me sick. These cheerleaders play it safe on Facebook, never writing anything on the platform that could be seen as going against its so-called “terms of service” and “community standards”. But the fools don’t understand that once Facebook has scrubbed its platform of the biggest and loudest figures on the right, they’ll go after smaller ones, and they’ll begin to deem even the most strategically “harmless” non-leftist content as “violent” and “dangerous”, and ban away.

Some who I see applauding Facebook for these dishonest purges are doing so for “capitalist” reasons, but one can support capitalism without celebrating the corrupt business practices of corrupt companies. That this has to be spelled out is pathetic. Being a private company doesn’t immunize Facebook from being criticized for its fraudulent practices. When I write, “With social media, who needs government censorship?”, I’m not calling for government interference in the private sector, as some have attempted to accuse me of, I’m simply pointing out that would-be government censors are laughing their asses off because we’re censoring ourselves. Bureaucrats would much prefer that we censor ourselves, as they’re lazy. But some of us still understand that self-censorship is the worst censorship, and far too many Americans practice self-censorship without admitting it. I don’t dismiss the assertion by some on the right that banning these particular individuals at this time- YEARS after allowing them to be on Facebook, no matter how “violent” and “dangerous” they’ve been deemed to be – individuals like Milo Yiannouloulus, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson and Gavin Mcinnes –is all part of doing what they can to make sure that the election of 2016 isn’t repeated in 2020, by hook or by crook, and by any means necessary. What the leftist idiots at Facebook don’t understand is that smearing those on the right and punishing them for things they’re not guilty of, is just another thing that galvanizes more people to vote against democrats. 

Facebook is engaged in fraud and they character assassinate their political opponents. They do this as Loudly as they possibly can, as a warning to others on the right, and to show how “virtuous” they are. 

And again, to see so-called “capitalists” justify Facebook’s bad business practices is very ugly, but Facebook is counting on it, while preparing the day when they eventually smear these “capitalists” as “dangerous” and ban them as well. 

Facebook, in smearing people as something they’re not and then loudly banning them over it, should be condemned, not applauded. It doesn’t matter that you may disagree with those who were banned, and I personally disagree with how some of these individuals go about their business, but to refer to them as “violent” and “dangerous” is a lie, and it’s dangerous, mainly to those who are being smeared as “dangerous”, as it puts their lives in further danger than they already are. When a Massive communication company uses its megaphone, along with the megaphone of the media to smear them as “violent”, they’ve further endangered these individuals. Again, this is character assassination, and it’s being done under the guise of ridding their platforms of so-called “undesirables” AKA their political opponents. 

Again, I can acknowledge that Facebook is a private company that can do as it pleases (it’s not a “public domain”, no matter what some on the right, talking like the left, would like to believe), but they can also be called out for their dishonest policies, and their smear tactics. 

When the hero of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, architect Howard Roark, was called “dangerous”, he asked, “Dangerous to whom?”, and he got no answer. The answer is obvious. Those who think for themselves are a danger to those who don’t. Leftists want everyone to submit to their collectivist ideas, and those who most resist will be banished wherever they have a foothold, and they have a foothold in most of society today. 

My last 30 day ban, before my latest one, was for writing that “Only Hitler is Hitler”, because I was told that it went against Facebook’s “community standards”. What kind of community standards would take exception to the idea that only Hitler is Hitler? A community that wants to continue smearing those who are nothing like Hitler, as Hitler. In posting that Only Hitler is Hitler, I’m telling people, particularly leftists, that they should stop smearing everyone they disagree with as Hitler, and Facebook took exception to my request and banned me. If you’re fine with this, then you’re a leftist, or you might as well be. 

I just created the print of Howard Roark from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead being called “Dangerous” at the top of this post, and it’s available for sale at my online store in a taller format.


Bosch Fawstin is an Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist, and winner of the AFDI Mohammad cartoon contest. He contributes articles and cartoons for Front Page Magazine. He writes and draws the Pro-Western, anti-Islam, anti-Jihad and anti-PC comic book, The Infidel, featuring Pigman. He’s also the author of a number of books, including two volumes of his Mohammad cartoons, and a book collection, Peaceful Death Threats, of the “best” death threats he’s gotten over Mohammad cartoons, which inspired 60 new Mohammad cartoons for the book, and which are published alongside the threats. 


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