Twitter Promotes Propaganda That Islam Saved the Universe in Avengers: Endgame

When treason goes mainstream.

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is one of the most successful movies of all time, critically and financially, and it’s the culmination of 11 years of an interconnected cinematic universe that spans 22 films.

And Islam has nothing to do with it.

But that doesn’t stop a headscarf-wearing Muslim from New York from wanting to get Islam in on the great success of the film. This Muslim tweeted that Islam –in the form of a Marvel character named Ho Yinsen, who was not even identified as a Muslim in the film- somehow inspired Tony Stark/Iron Man to become a hero, in the first of these 22 films, Iron Man, and that Islam ultimately played a part in saving the Marvel cinematic universe in Avengers: Endgame. And the fact that Islam has nothing to do with Avengers: Endgame also doesn’t stop Twitter from then promoting this Islamic propaganda, in an attempt to make it trend as if it were some kind of news story, and it doesn’t stop leftist “news” websites from “reporting” this propaganda as if it were a fact, and an actual part of the story in the movies, with a number of fools calling this Islamic propaganda “beautiful” and “touching”.

The reason why many in the West pretend that non-devout Muslims represent Islam is because they can’t handle the truth that devout Muslims are monsters. Ho Yinsen, whom the female Muslim on Twitter fancifully declares as “Muslim”, when it’s never officially established, represents the good, he represents science, he represents civilization, and he represents the fight against evil, not Islam. He was imprisoned, along with Tony Stark, by those who resembled Islam’s heroes, jihadists, as they were based in the middle east, they lived in caves, they wore beards, they dressed in rags and they were homicidal maniacs who threatened to murder Tony Stark if he didn’t build them some kind of super missiles. So it’s funny how the one decent person alongside Tony Stark is said to be a “Muslim” by the Muslim on Twitter, but not the jailers, who are picture perfect stand-ins for Islam’s jihadists.

And this Islamic fantasist starts her tweet-thread by letting out one of Islam’s biggest lies, about how in the Koran, Allah says “whoever saves one life, it’s as if they saved all of mankind”. Muslims have been peddling that lie in overdrive since 9/11, and I debunked it in the third issue of my Pigman comic book, The Infidel #3.

And at the end of her tweet-thread, she finally got to her main point, and the biggest lie, which was to attach Islam to Avengers: Endgame, like a parasite, in order to gain something from this massive pop-culture phenomenon. She then had the nerve to tweet that “there would be no Iron Man without a Muslim.”

The arrogance, the endless need for Muslims to pretend that everything, most especially popular things that are beloved by millions of non-Muslims, are good and popular because of Islam, is absurd.

And, of course, a website posts her tweet thread and writes of it as if it’s a fact, as if Islam did indeed have something to do with saving the universe in Avengers: Endgame.

As I’ve written for years: The Only reason we began talking about Islam is jihad.

That is the only reason. But that doesn’t stop dishonest leftists from pretending that there are many reasons to not only discuss Islam, but to promote Islam, and further pretend that it’s a valuable, and even essential, part of our culture. Islam is fundamentally illiberal, yet fundamentally illiberal leftists who claim to be “liberal” support it as if it were their own religion. Despite the most dishonest efforts by leftists who promote Islam, Islamic values are completely contrary to liberal values. While “liberal” leftists claim to value free speech, women’s rights, homosexual rights, etc., they throw it all out the window when it comes to Islam, and they don’t give a damn for Islam critics, women and homosexuals who are abused and killed under Islam. Maintaining their myths is more important to them than human lives. One of the biggest differences between the West and Islam is that we value life, while Muslims value Islam.

If there were any characters that represent devout Muslims in the Marvel films, it would be the villains, not the heroes. Good Muslims, by our standards, are bad Muslims, or non-Muslims, by Islamic standards, and Islam’s heroes are jihadists. According to Islam, engaging in jihad AKA killing non-Muslims, is considered to be the most noble thing a Muslim can do, and it’s the only way that guarantees that Muslims can get to Islamic heaven. Thanos is a supervillian in the Marvel films who self-identifies as a hero, as a savior, of the universe, even though his goal is to wipe out half of all living creatures in it. As with Thanos, the need for Muslims and leftists to view themselves as righteous is pathological, as is their need to see those who defy them as evil.

Islam hasn’t officially entered Marvel’s movies yet, but Marvel Studios has already signaled that they’re going to pay tribute to Islam by bringing its low-selling Muslim comic book superhero, Ms. Marvel, to the big screen. And low sales, low interest, and the fact that Muslims are on the warpath, won’t stop committed leftists from promoting the next group on their identity politics list. Last year, someone at the BBC, who I assume was Muslim, asked the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, if their Muslim superhero will appear in their films, and Feige quickly and obediently answered yes. Feige never mentioned Marvel’s Muslim superhero before, in the 5 years that she’s been in their comic books, so all it took was a question asked about her for Marvel studios to quickly submit and commit to the idea. And Muslims celebrated, with some saying “it’s about time” for a Muslim superhero on the big screen. (No, but it’s time for an anti-jihad superhero) And Muslims know that Marvel can’t back out now, as they will begin to demand a Muslim superhero movie before long. The leftist idiots at Marvel Comics didn’t understand that once they published a Muslim superhero comic book, that they couldn’t cancel it, even for bad sales, as they do with all of their other low-selling comic books, and that they would have to keep publishing it, lest they’d be accused of being “Islamophobic” and “racist”, etc. So Marvel continues to publish a Muslim superhero comic book, even though it doesn’t sell, out of fear, and they will make a movie about its unpopular Muslim superhero, out of fear.

And it appears that Marvel movies are setting up the introduction of Islam and Muslims in their cinematic universe (where there have been no Christians, Jews, etc., identified in any of them) by having one of Spider-Man’s High School classmates wearing a hijab. Might this character be the introduction of Kamala Khan, who becomes Ms. Marvel, Marvel’s Muslim superhero? Maybe. We’ll see. And no doubt this Muslim character, whoever it ends up being, will be portrayed as the kindest and wisest of Spider-Man’s classmates, as is almost always the case with Muslim supporting characters written by self-loathing leftists, who only portray Muslims as heroes or victims. Consider how the World War Two generation would have responded if they saw “nice” German and Japanese characters in movies during World War Two, with NO mention of the war that was going on, to fully appreciate how far removed we are from even identifying enemy propaganda when it’s right in front of our eyes.

These endless tributes to Islam, when Islam hasn’t earned anything but criticism and condemnation, are sickening, especially while devout Muslims are on the warpath. Based on Hollywood movies, and comic books, and nearly all kinds of Western entertainment, we wouldn’t even know that we’re at war, and that’s a big reason why this enemy continues to mass murder us with impunity. Bad enough that these gutless turds in entertainment refuse to take on this enemy in stories, which should keep them from touching on the subject of Islam at all, but instead, they continue promoting a fantasy version of Islam that has nothing to do with Islam, and which aids and abets an enemy in wartime, as the real Islam does its dirty work in the real world.

The complete absence of Jihad from Marvel’s Muslim superhero comic book tells you all you need to know about its purpose. But why wouldn’t Marvel at least have its Muslim superhero take on jihadists who they would no doubt claim have “perverted” Islam? Because they feel that any kind of acknowledgment of the war we’re in would defeat the entire purpose of their propaganda comic book, which is to make Islam look good. All while those on the right are routinely vilified by Marvel in their comic books.

Religion has been kept out of Marvel’s movies, up until this point, so of course, being anti-Western nihilists, the leftists at Marvel will introduce into its fictional universe the one religion that’s motivating a war on the West, while completely covering up that fact, and presenting the religion to us as something benign that we should all value, as something that is as American as bacon. This is nothing short of enemy propaganda by our domestic enemy on the left, on the behalf of a foreign enemy.

And while that Muslim whose tweets Twitter promoted claims that Islam saved the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in reality, “Islamic values” have directly led to 35,000+ terrorist attacks across the world since 9/11. And Marvel has the nerve to tell us that their stories take place “outside of our windows”. Outside of Marvel’s windows, the atrocity of 9/11 happened, and they’ve been promoting a dishonest version of the religion that inspired it for the last five years.

And in addition to promoting those ludicrous tweets, Twitter also celebrated Ramadan, and they posted a cutesy cartoon graphic of a Muslim, focused on the fasting that Muslims do during Ramadan, while naturally ignoring the mass-murdering that Muslims do during Ramadan. I just counted the number of Islamic attacks during the month long “holy” Islamic “holiday” of Ramadan (via the from May 5 to June 3, and it ended up being 178 attacks, and 757 people murdered. And merely noting that horrific fact makes one an “Islamophobe” these days. If Twitter’s kind of promotion of an enemy ideology took place during World War Two by an American company, while the atrocities that an enemy ideology inspired were ignored, it would have been considered treasonous by the American people, and maybe even by the U.S. government at the time. Now, the people and the government accept this kind of abnormal enemy propaganda by U.S. companies as the norm, without complaint. It should be an outrage, as it helps an enemy during wartime, while suppressing the truth about that enemy that we need to know about in order to defeat it.

Islamic values are antithetical to Western values, but stating that fact is seen as antithetical to Western values, according to leftists, whose values are also antithetical to Western values. The West can survive only so much leftist treason in this nuclear age.

A big reason why the Islamic enemy remains undefeated is because it remains uncriticized and unexamined. Those who should be criticizing it, the intellectuals among us, those who are supposed to seek out the truth, and speak it, are silent. And then there are those who pretend that Islam’s fine, and that it’s just some alleged deviant form of Islam that’s the problem, and they play an endless name game about the Islamic enemy’s ideology, always avoiding that it’s Islam. And the war goes on, with Islam continuing to inspire endless, unspeakable horrors, while at the same time, Islam is being promoted, daily, as something it’s not, as something good, as something that has “nothing” to do with the horrors it inspires, but has everything to do with saving a popular fictional universe.

Since criticism of this enemy and its ideology goes against the “community standards” of mainstream society, then nothing short of a cultural revolution will be needed to defeat this enemy once and for all.

Every so often, I think that because the Islamic enemy got away with the atrocity of 9/11, and that the West then allowed the concept of peace to be hijacked by Muslims, that it explains why the world is more mad and less just than it used to be.

I wouldn’t even have heard of this lone Muslim tweeting out such Islamic propaganda if not for Twitter’s attempt to make that Islamic propaganda go viral. Twitter banned me for criticizing Marvel’s Islamic propaganda, but they promote this Muslim’s Islamic propaganda, and they don’t ban Muslims who’ve threatened to murder me on their platform. The Islamic enemy is reliant on Islamophiles giving Islam cover and silencing Islam critics. We’re eventually going to have to recognize Islamophiles, particularly powerful and influential ones, as aiding and abetting an enemy in wartime. I can already hear leftists screaming “McCarthyism!” when they’re most guilty of doing what they accuse others of doing. The reason why leftists still scream over Joseph McCarthy, and why they’ve done everything they could to completely smear him and discredit what he did, is because he exposed leftists who were actually aiding and abetting an enemy. Leftist witches called it a “witch-hunt”.

There was a time when foreign enemies had to pay traitors among us to promote their propaganda. Now it’s done for free and without being asked. This is an intolerable state we’re in, where treason is now so mainstream that no one calls it treason.

I repeat: the West can survive only so much leftist treason in this nuclear age.