Tommy Robinson’s Guilty Persecutors

The UK wants to snuff out the fighting spirit that Tommy represents.

The way the UK government operates today makes me believe that the question it most asks itself is: Will this please or displease Muslims?

A few examples: last year, a Muslim “protestor” who cracked a police officer in the skull with his stick at a Tommy Robinson rally was spared jail, which pleased Muslims. Tommy Robinson was thrown in prison – twice - for the trumped up charge of “contempt of court” and “causing distress” to Muslim rapists, which pleases Muslims. Mohammad cartoons were absent from the UK’s Media “Freedom” Conference’s display of censored political cartoons, which pleases Muslims.

Tommy Robinson has been referred to as “the most hated man in Britain”. He’s also loved by many Brits for being one of the only prominent voices in the UK to speak out against Islam - and his country’s submission to it. But about him being the most hated man in Britain: hated by what standard? By the standard of the UK government and of the powerful and influential leaders who knew about and said and did nothing about decades of its young citizens being raped by Muslim gangs, which they euphemistically refer to as “grooming gangs”. They’ve disgraced themselves and their country by doing everything they can to defend Islam, and doing everything they can to vilify, criticize and legally punish Islam critics, exactly as an Islamic dictatorship would do.

Tommy Robinson is a fighter in a country that no longer fights. That’s one of the main reasons why he’s so hated. He’s a fighter in a country where many have given up, and where many are taught to believe that fighting is “uncouth”. His fighting spirit is rejected in a country where many are resigned to allow Islam and leftism to destroy it once and for all. Tommy Robinson is most hated by those in the UK who’ve given up on the UK, and they don’t want to be reminded of it by someone who condemns them for being the sellouts that they are.

But all is not lost, as Tommy Robinson represents the fighting spirit that is still alive in Britain, among its people, outside of its corrupt institutions, media, etc., despite the best efforts of his enemies to snuff out this resistance to submission to Islam. And it should be obvious to those who think, that the powerful and the influential in the UK want to snuff out what Tommy Robinson represents, to character assassinate him, and to put him in such a vulnerable position, in prison, among Muslim gangs who want him dead, that NO one would be surprised if he were to be murdered in prison. And to be murdered in prison by those who belong in there, while he doesn’t belong in there, it will be argued - if the worst happens - that this was murder through proxy. His jailers are guilty of committing the crime of knowingly allowing young citizens to be raped, and they want that fact obliterated, and the way they think they can do that is by making Tommy out to be a criminal who belongs on prison, and so has no standing to condemn his lessers who fancy themselves his superiors.

Muslims, for whom the British government has bent over forwards for, intend to murder him for their own reasons, but if they do it, it will also get rid of a thorn in the corrupt government's side, once and for all. This is not hyperbole. The individuals in the corrupt U.K. government are evil people who’ve sold out their country, and Tommy Robinson is the ultimate reproach to them. With him out of the way, they figure they’ve rid themselves of the U.K.’s last resistance to “peace”. Tommy was actually charged with “disturbing the peace” last year. A man who shatters the myth that Islam means peace is accused of disturbing the peace.

The things people need to ignore to try to vilify Tommy Robinson, and make the case that he’s a criminal who belongs in prison, is too much to ignore, and I see his critics, outside of leftists and Muslims, as intellectually dishonest, at best.

The only hope I have that Tommy will make it out of prison alive is if there are some patriots among the prison guards who will protect him in his two months in prison. His government threw him to the wolves, and the rats are celebrating, despite the mortal danger they know he’s in. And as I myself have been told by leftists and Muslims (since I haven’t been murdered yet over my Mohammad cartoons) that my life isn’t really in any serious danger, the same thing will be said about Tommy, by those who want him dead, that if he survives prison, then he’s in no serious danger. They won’t mourn him if he’s murdered and they’ll even celebrate it, but they will continue to claim that he’s in no serious danger while he’s in serious danger.

And for those who still completely discount the fact that the U.K. government acts to please Muslims: it welcomes ISIS terrorists back into the country with open arms, while banning Islam critics Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Also of note is that these defenders of the corrupt U.K. government ignore the fact that one of the Muslim rapists who ended up being convicted (ONLY after the corrupt government had to be pulled kicking and screaming to convict some of them, thanks to Tommy Robinson for making the issue so big that they could no longer ignore it) escaped to Pakistan. And that news came and went, while endless stories are written about how deserving Tommy is to be behind bars.

As a way to support Tommy, I just created a print of him, with Tommy’s consent, where the proceeds will go to him. Consider getting a copy of my “I’m Tommy Robinson” print, here.