Chicken Pelosi

The House Speaker declines to move her impeachment clown show to the Senate.

Wednesday night, House Democrats passed two articles of impeachment against President Trump. According to the U.S. Constitution, the articles then move on to the Senate for a trial. At this writing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding off, and that provides time for review.

As President Trump and others have pointed out, the quest for impeachment began when Donald Trump was still a candidate, confirmed by the Washington Post on inauguration day. That has now been established beyond reasonable doubt, but the story goes back much farther.

Progressives believe they are wiser than the deplorable masses and destined to bring in the utopian state. This has all been predetermined by history, so if the progressive candidate loses, the winner must have stolen the election. In the case of 2016, another dynamic is in play.

The president formerly known as Barry Soetoro had eight years to transform the United States into a different kind of country. In his vision, drawn from experience in Indonesia and the beloved Communist Frank Marshall Davis, the president selects his successor. So POTUS 44 deployed Deep State allies in the DOJ, FBI and CIA, including Gus Hall voter John Brennan, to clear Hillary Clinton of crimes and keep her in the race.

When she lost, the Deep State troops launched the insurance policy, using a DNC-funded fake dossier to gain FISA warrants and frame Trump as a Putin toady and Russian agent. That plot has raged for three years but came up empty on facts and the IG report has now shot it down. With U.S. Attorney John Durham conducting a criminal investigation, Democrats targeted Trump, as Rep. Rashida Tlaib proclaimed, “we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.”

Nancy Pelosi once claimed to oppose impeachment, but in regal style proclaimed le congrès c’est moi and ordered an impeachment inquiry without a House vote. Intelligence committee boss Adam Schiff conducted a show-trial in which the co-conspirator he called a “whistleblower” failed to show and a squad of State Department drones defied satire. As this clown show wrapped, IG Michael Horowitz blew the whistle on FISA fraud that empowered the hoax.

The fact-proof Pelosi, who has called the president an imposter while claiming to pray for him, proceeded with the impeachment vote. The carefully coiffed Speaker, 79, showed up Wednesday solemnly decked out in black. To Democrats’ undisguised delight, the House voted 230-197 on abuse of power and 229 on obstruction of Congress. Still, Pelosi did not get everything she wanted.

Three Democrats declined to vote for impeachment, including Tulsi Gabbard, recently branded a Russian asset by Hillary Clinton. No Republicans voted for impeachment but some made the best of the occasion.

“This is the first time in history a president will be impeached without a single allegation of criminality,” noted Rep. Doug Collins. I am about to say something my Democrat colleagues hate to hear,” said California Rep. Kevin McCarthy,  “Donald J. Trump is President of the United States. He is President today. He will be President tomorrow. And he will be President when this impeachment is over.”

During the House session, President Trump was in Michigan, thanking the voters, hailing the healthy economy, and not holding back on the Democrat impeachers, the fake news, and liars like James Comey. As the president said, “Did I do a great job when I fired his ass?” The Michigan crowd sure thought so.

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi defended her decision to back off on sending impeachment articles to the Senate. The Speaker called Sen. Mitch McConnell a “rogue leader” and rattled on about “the process” in the Senate and “the number of managers that we may have to go forward, and who we would choose.” Trouble is, as judge Andrew Napolitano pointed out, the Senate makes the rules and has never proceeded with an impeachment trial if the House fails to send over the articles.

According to Eric Trump, the Democrats’ true articles were 1) We didn’t win in 2016 and 2) We can’t win in 2020. For his part, Donald Trump told the Michigan crowd “I’m not worried,” but Michael Finch advanced some reasons for concern.  “The establishment of the GOP may just make the backroom deals,” Finch warned, “and rationalize that this is their opportunity to take the party back from the usurper Trump.”

That establishment includes Sen. Mitt Romney, who as the Republican candidate in 2012 claimed that illegals would “self-deport.” Romney lost to a phony and a fraud but used those words for Donald Trump in 2016. The Senate trial could be overseen by Chief Justice John Roberts, a Bush nominee and the ultimate enabler of Obamacare, the statist atrocity Trump is steadily demolishing. With a cast like that, anything is possible.

At this writing, Chicken Pelosi declines to place her longstanding impeachment production in the theater of the Senate. Republicans are united and Trump is moving full speed toward November, 2020, less than a year down the road. As the president says, we’ll have to see what happens.


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