A Close Look at Adam Schiff

What political goals does this powerful Democrat congressman really have?

Fifty-nine-year-old Democrat congressman Adam Schiff became famous in recent months for presiding over the Trump impeachment hearings in the House Intelligence Committee. Let us take a close look at exactly who Schiff is, and what his political agendas are.

A Harvard-trained lawyer, Schiff launched his political career in 1996 when he was elected to the California State Senate, where he served as chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

In 1997 Schiff received a Henry Toll Fellowship for “leadership development.” Sponsored by the Council of State Governments, this award has long been heavily financed by the billionaire philanthropist George Soros and his Open Society Foundations.

In 2000, Schiff was elected to represent a U.S. House district centered in the San Gabriel Valley east of Los Angeles. His campaign recieved more than $100,000 in donations from the Soros-funded MoveOn.org. Schiff has been re-elected to the U.S. House every two years since then.

In early 2013, Schiff was one of dozens of prominent leftists who urged President Barack Obama to award, posthumously, the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the late Fred Ross Sr., a Saul Alinsky-trained radical who had mentored both Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, former honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America.

On a number of occasions, Schiff has shown an affinity for radical Islamist organizations. In September 2013, for example, he stated that the the good work done “across the nation” by the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was “much appreciated.” In a similar spirit, Schiff said in October 2017 that “CAIR’s vision and mission is more important now than ever before – to be a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding, and [to] enhance understanding of Islam.” And on August 5, 2019, Schiff was a featured presenter at an interfaith community forum moderated by Hamas sympathizer Salam Al-Marayati and co-sponsored by the Muslim Public Affairs Council, an organization that views Hezbollah as “a liberation movement” whose members are akin to American “freedom fighters hundreds of years ago whom the British regarded as terrorists.”

In 2015 Schiff co-sponsored House Resolution 569, titled “Condemning Violence, Bigotry, and Hateful Rhetoric Towards Muslims in the United States.” Founded upon unsourced and unsupportable claims that America was experiencing a “rise of hateful and anti-Muslim speech, violence, and cultural ignorance,” this Resolution denounced the “disproportionate targeting” of “Muslim women who wear hijabs, headscarves, or other religious articles of clothing.”

In a March 22, 2017 interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, Schiff claimed there was “more than circumstantial evidence” that Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign had colluded with Russian government operatives to tilt the election in his favor. When Todd asked Schiff if he had “seen direct evidence of collusion,” the congressman replied: “I don’t want to go into specifics, but I will say that there is evidence that is not circumstantial and is very much worthy of investigation, so that is what we ought to do.”

From that point forward, Schiff established himself as one of the Democrat Party’s leading voices demanding Trump’s impeachment, repeatedly proclaiming to the media that the evidence against the president was overwhelming. In December 2017, for example, Schiff told CNN: “The Russians offered help, the [Trump] campaign accepted help. The Russians gave help and the president made full use of that help. That is pretty damning, whether it is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of conspiracy or not.” And in May 2018, Schiff told ABC that the Russian trolling of Democratic National Committee emails was “like Watergate in the sense that you had a break in at the Democratic headquarters, in this case a virtual one, not a physical break in, and you had a president as part of a cover up.” The congressman subsequently said that Trump’s crime was of “a size and scope probably beyond Watergate.”

But when Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally released his exhaustive 448-page report on the Trump-Russia matter in April 2019, Schiff’s many claims about Trump’s undeniable guilt were all proven to be baseless and false. Yet Schiff never once acknowledged, or apologized for, his many lies about Trump-Russia.

In May 2017, Schiff was one of a number of prominent and influential Democrats who spoke at a Washington, D.C. “ideas conference” organized by the Center for American Progress (CAP), a far-left think tank headed by John Podesta, who served as President Bill Clinton's chief of staff in the 1990s and as Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign manager in 2016. This CAP event emphasized the need for Democrats to unite in uncompromising “resistance” against Trump while also developing “new, fresh, bold, provocative ideas that can move us forward.”

On November 16, 2018, Schiff – who was slated to become chairman of the House Intelligence Committee on January 3, 2019 – gave an exclusive, closed-door briefing to members of the Democracy Alliance, a major group of wealthy Democrat funders passionately dedicated to goal of crippling the Trump presidency.

On a variety of key political issues, Schiff believes that:

  • all women should have an unrestricted right to abortion-on-demand at any stage of pregnancy – subsidized by taxpayers, in cases of economic hardship;
  • public and private employers alike should be legally required to implement affirmative-action hiring and promotion policies that give preference to African Americans and women, as compensation for historical injustices;
  • the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is an excellent statute that can serve a strategic stepping stone toward the eventual implementation of a government-run, single-payer healthcare system;
  • the principle of church-state separation is inviolable and should preclude permitting prayer in the public schools, or the posting of the Ten Commandments in public places;
  • voucher programs designed to enable low-income parents to send their children to private schools rather than to failing public schools, constitute bad policy because they rob the public schools of vital resources;
  • the death penalty is applied in a racially discriminatory manner, constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, and should be abolished;
  • more guns in the hands of private citizens inevitably result in higher levels of crime, thus the availability of firearms should be restricted by whatever means are effective;
  • wealthy people should be required to pay much higher tax rates than those who earn less;
  • restrictions on immigration are basically racist because they tend to prevent Hispanics and other non-whites from entering the United States;
  • social services should be available to all U.S. residents regardless of their immigration status;
  • illegal aliens should be offered amnesty if they have been productive members of society;
  • voter ID laws are, by and large, racially motivated attempts to suppress minority voting and should be eliminated;
  • an ever-increasing reliance on “green energy” sources such as wind and solar should be put in place, along with the phasing out of fossil fuels, the imposition of carbon taxes, and the raising of vehicle CAFE standards;
  • federal spending on infrastructure projects and job programs is crucial to the success of any economic recovery program; and
  • the nationalization of failing banks and corporations is preferable to federal bailouts of such entities.

In no way can Adam Schiff be described as a “liberal.” He is a hard-core leftist who seeks to fundamentally transform America, much like President Obama so candidly sought to do.


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