Pensacola Proves It's High Time We Choose American Lives Over Leftism

“Some people did something” again.

The recent murderous rampage against our soldiers at Naval Air Station Pensacola was perpetrated by a foreign national from one of the Islamic countries in the Middle East. Unfortunately, this is not a surprise; for this has happened repeatedly now on numerous military bases here: Fort Hood; Little Rock, Arkansas; Tennessee; and recruitment centers; and let's not forget 9/11 itself. The killings come from the same source and ideology.   

Once again, as Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar put it, “some people did something.”
Certain law enforcement officials, so as not to frighten the public or because they wish to be politically correct, are too often "searching" for the motive behind the terrorism. Will we be told yet again that the perpetrator was “mentally disturbed” or “an angry person"? Be it terrorism or “mentally disturbed,” the effect is the same: dead Americans. Perhaps we should review our open door from those countries sending us so many “angry” people. 
Higher-ups in official government circles may pretend not to know the motivation behind these attacks, but the American people and all reasonable and sane people in the West know that it is due to an ideology -- an ideology that is against the West, against Christianity, against Israel, and against America...against the infidel.
President Trump was correct in the beginning months of his administration to place a halt on immigration from those countries whose ideology teaches hatred of the infidel and a call to jihad. The president sees his job, rightly so, as protecting the American people. We call that concept "America first." It is basic and common sense...and moral.
The Left prioritizes not bruising the sensitivities of the community that spawns all this murder over the families and lives of the American individuals who have been killed in the Jihadist rampages mentioned above. Perhaps most leftists and their children are not residents of the military bases across the country.
The issue can no longer be about sensitivity. It has to be about our lives and safety. America does not need to prove that it is not "racist," nor does it need to prove that it is not "Islamophobic." Leftists are obsessed with proving our "innocence" and they therefore choose political correctness over the safety and lives of the American people and our national security. They are unduly influencing the decisions in this country, doing so for their virtue signaling as opposed to the protection of the American people. They also, clearly, seek a radical demographic change in the makeup of America.
It is high time that we begin framing issues in the context of terror under the more vital category of saving lives. We should tell leftists to find a good psychologist to work on their guilt, virtue signaling, and disdain for the American way of life. We, as Americans, must make decisions based on common sense. This is the only way to frame these issues.
Rabbi Spero is president of the Conference of Jewish Affairs and author of Push Back.

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