Anti-American, Racist NY Times Smears U.S. Military as Racist on Memorial Day

There are no greater racists than "anti-racist" activists.

On our Memorial Day, a day when Americans honor those who have died fighting for our freedoms, the leftist supremacists at the The New York Times decided to smear the U.S. military as "white supremacist" in an op-ed titled "Why Does the U.S. MilitaryCelebrate White Supremacy?" . The leftist supremacists at The New York Times could not resist leaving it alone even for one day, not even a day where we should all honor those who have fought and died to uphold the freedoms that we enjoy. The New York Times editorial board, filled with anti-American racists, attacked America and its military, instead of honoring both. And here's my cartoon that visualizes how I see The New York Times, especially on this day.


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