Married to the Mob

Urban anarchists and Democrat progressives -- a match made in hell.

The Democrats’ response to the rioting rocking cities they control gets crazier by the minute – and more revealing. Democratic leaders have become Antifa’s press agents. This can be seen with painful clarity in their response to Trump’s attempts to protect federal property.

In Portland last week, Mayor Ted Wheeler (pictured above catching a dose of tear-gas) marched with the mob to protest agents sent there to guard a federal courthouse the goons had targeted.

Wheeler was outraged by the president’s countermeasures. They were “an egregious overreaction” that would incite more violence, His Honor huffed. It was “an attack on democracy” that made his peaceful city feel like “occupied territory.”

He has a point. It was only the 57th straight night of violence in Portland. There were only 2,000 radicals marching on the courthouse. The rioters only used flares, lasers (aimed at the eyes), and fireworks against the 100 or so federal agents defending the building.

Earlier, Wheeler had ordered the Portland police – whose spokesman called the incident a “riot,” by the way -- to stand down.

President Trump has a mandate to protect federal property when local authorities are unwilling or unable to do so. In 2018, the Portland peace brigade took over ICE headquarters. The city did nothing.

In the Windy City, Mayor Lori Lightweight ordered the removal of two Christopher Columbus statues radicals had attacked.

 It’s obvious that taking down the monuments will help to pacify that Toddlin’ Town, where 106 people were shot the week of July 20th, including six shot at a funeral for a victim of a drive-by shooting.

In Seattle, at the beginning of June, anarchists took over six city blocks, which they designated an “autonomous zone.” At the time, Mayor Jenny Durkin said it could be the beginning of a “Summer of Love,” and had the festive air of a “block party." Three weeks, several shootings and one murder later, Durkan closed down the block party. A city can take only so much love.

Sending the feds to New York “would only create more problems,” Mayor and Street Artist Bill de Blasio intoned.

De Blasio knows how to deal with riots and a rising tide of crime --cut $1 billion from the police budget. This after two groups of officers were beaten bloody on the Brooklyn Bridge recently, and the city’s crime rate soared again.

In the future, social workers will handle minor altercations, the mayor announced. Citizens were told to confront those setting off fireworks (a misdemeanor, after all). In Brooklyn, a woman did just that, and was shot five times. She died last week. De Blasio should be taken into protective custody – to protect residents of his city.

Across the country, Democratic officeholders strived to outdo each other.

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner said Trump brought to mind the Nazis his father fought in World War II "so that we would not have an American president brutalizing and kidnapping [arresting] Americans for exercising their constitutional rights [rioting], and trying to make America a better place, which is what patriots do.”

Stop, I’m getting all teary-eyed. In the minds of Democrats, rioters have now evolved from peaceful protestors to patriots fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

When the riots started following the death of George Floyd, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper reminded us that: “People are more important than property. Black Lives do Matter.” So if the business you spent decades building is destroyed overnight – tough.

Massachusetts, Attorney General Maura Healey quipped that “burning” dead wood is how “forests grow.” Democrats hope a Biden presidency will grow out of the embers of Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and New York.

St. Louis Prosecutor Kimberly Gardner has charged a local couple who armed themselves before confronting thugs trying to make America a better place by breaking into their gated community and threatening them. But Gardner is too busy to prosecute rioters. We all have our priorities.

Nancy Pelosi called agents trying to protect federal property, “Trump’s storm troopers,” and promised to investigate them. Her response to the mob that threw a Columbus statue into the Baltimore Harbor – “People will do what they do.”

Emerging from the Biden Bunker, the putative Democratic nominee responded to Trump’s defensive measures with: “There is no reason for the president to send federal troops [agents] into a city where people are demanding change peacefully and respectfully.” If things get any more peaceful and respectful, we could have World War III.

Democrats spent decades seeding the soil in which urban anarchy grew -- including anti-Americanism, moral relativism, campus chaos and the cancel culture. Now, they’re guarding the crops

If Clueless Joe is elected, make sure your fire insurance is paid up and your home is fortified like Ft. Knox. In the words of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, another progressive Democrat, “Laissez les bon temps rouler” – Let the good times roll.

* * *

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