What the Statue-Toppling Left is Really Out to Topple

And why the Left really wants to destroy America.

I think my cartoon is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll just add that all of the “reasons” that the Left gives for why it does what it does are lies, particularly the lie they’re peddling about “systemic racism”.

BLM and Antifa claim that they’re “fighting to stop systemic racism” in America, when in reality, they’re counting on the fact that America is not a “systemically racist” country so they can get away with murder. If America were as bad as these vicious malcontents claim, their attacks would have led to their utter destruction in short order.

And here’s why I think that the Left (as well as the Islamic enemy) wants nothing short of the destruction of America: the only way that bad guys who fancy themselves as “good guys” can have their evil recognized as the undisputed “good” in the world is if they obliterate any and all moral standards, and then dispatch the objectively good people who oppose them, so that “the good” ends up being whatever they say it is.

And that’s really why the scum of the earth across the world wants America defeated, because America makes them look as bad as they actually are, despite the Left’s propaganda. And they can’t let that stand, and so the comparative stand must be obliterated.


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