An ARM Agenda

The hour is late, but the possibilities of rescuing America are many.

On July 3, Frontpage published A Call to ARM: the Case for an American Revolution Movement for Self Defense. The response was huge, and in light of surging leftist violence, a sequel is in order.

Most readers supported the ARM concept and many wanted to sign up right away. Others warned that any movement with a website, membership list and so forth would be quickly infiltrated, betrayed and destroyed. That may well be the case, but such a risk poses no existential problem for ARM.

Everyone who supports what the American Revolution achieved, particularly the First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, is already a de-facto member of ARM. Anonymity is a positive asset and everybody in ARM shares the same goal: to preserve the American Revolution, now under attack from an axis of sub-nihilists, Marxists, racists and violent criminals.

Such counterrevolutionaries now get backing from prominent Democrats, POTUS 44, multinational corporations, establishment media, and high-profile figures in sports and entertainment. This makes 2020 the real Year of Living Dangerously, and a line from that movie is instructive.

“When the killing  starts, are you going to be part of it?” says Guy Hamilton (Mel Gibson), to an Indonesian Communist.  In 2020 in America, the killing has already started, with police officers and children among the victims. That evokes the plight of Michael Corleone in The Godfather after his father Vito is gunned down.

“You know my father?” Michael tells a nurse at the hospital. “People are coming to kill him.”

Police are not protecting the hospital, so Michael stands guard out front with family friend Enzo. The pair make the assassins think they have guns. That stalls the killers until reinforcements show up, and Vito’s life is saved. Jump ahead to 2020.

The axis forces howl that the American is an evil, oppressive place and Americans are inherently racist because of the way they were born. This is a regurgitation of the “white devils” hatred of the 1960s, and not some kind of hobby. Anybody could be forgiven for believing that these people want to kill. As in the USSR, China and Cambodia, the socialist utopia cannot advance until those stubborn kulaks have been eliminated as a class, by any means necessary. The murder of police officers, adolescents and even infants sends the signal of what the axis is all about.

“Be in no doubt as to the seriousness of your position,” inspector Claude Lebel told Madame de Montpellier in The Day of the Jackal. Democrats are part of the axis, and when axis forces attack, they call off the police. Further abandonment by gutless politicians leaves embattled Americans responsible for their own defense. On the other hand, Americans are not exactly without recourse.

Unlike the Christian Armenians in Ottoman Turkey, and Jews and other “enemies of the state” in National Socialist Germany, Americans have not been disarmed. So even if individuals do not own firearms, the axis sturmtruppen might think they have an AR-15, AK-47, MI Garand, Glock 9mm, or even a trusty 12-gauge pump. Those set on arson, looting, home invasion or worse also might wonder if the American Revolution Movement for Self Defense numbers in the millions. It does, and the time has come for action.

ARM can network in neighborhoods and cities, dig up intel, and seize the initiative. Find out where a mob-friendly politician lives and hold a loud but peaceful demonstration outside his house, with masks helpfully concealing identity. Drive by city halls and state capitols with flags flying and Chuck Berry’s  “Living in the USA” blaring. That might get on the evening news.

Locals can put up static ARM websites announcing upcoming actions, then show up somewhere else. Locals can adopt a nom de guerre and invent local ARM chapters such as the David Dorn Response Unit, Maquis Division Commandos, or ARM Team Six. Seek advice from trusted combat, intelligence and law enforcement veterans. Hold rallies for victims of axis violence. Run defensive surveillance operations for churches, synagogues, businesses and homes. Follow an Antifa thug home from a court-burning and see how brave he is when separated from the mob. The possibilities are truly endless.

Pull a surprise demonstration at Mitt Romney’s house chanting “ARM! ARM! USA! USA!” and so forth. The 2012 presidential loser now marches with Black Lives Matter, so see if anybody can get him on the record whether all lives matter. Democrats are already on their knees for the Antifa-BLM axis. As Harry Bridges fan Nancy Pelosi says, “people will do what they do,” and they will be doing it more as the election approaches. That calls for serious reflection.

Ponder the value of your life, the lives of your loves ones, and everything you have built up in this world. Ponder the prospects for the future if the mob prevails. For many Americans, that is already sinking in.

On August 1, conservative advocates, including former Democrats, held a “Rescue America” rally at the California state capitol in Sacramento. Other rallies are planned for Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, and other cities. As the November election approaches, that’s a good sign. Meanwhile, aux ARM, citoyens.


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