Video: Robert Spencer and OpIndia’s Nupur J. Sharma Discuss the Global Menace of Jihad

The common threat to both the United States and India.

Last Tuesday, Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, was interviewed by Nupur J. Sharma, editor of the highly regarded news site, in a lengthy, searching, and absorbing discussion.

Among the many topics discussed:

1. The Catholic Church is engaged in a “dialogue” with jihadists to reach some agreement. This is a foolish move that will yield no positive result.

2. Secular states, while superior in matters of human rights to religious states, may be ill-equipped to handle jihadism.

3. Whether the Qur’an is peaceful and only the Hadith is violent.

4. The controversies regarding both Christian and Muslim missionaries in India, and the differences between the two.

And much more. Spencer says: “This was one of the best, most interesting interviews I’ve ever done.”