Hating Tucker

What the Left's vicious attacks on Fox News' star host really symbolize.

The attacks on Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a racist, white nationalist, xenophobic, immigrant-hating troll have become coin of the realm in the establishment media. Last week, the Daily Beast hit an all-time low when one of its reporters accused Carlson of blaming George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake for their own deaths and injuries from police. The almost libelous article attributes claims that Carlson actually never made on his show. The Daily Beast reporter simply offers his own dubious interpretations of Carlson’s interpretation of news and facts as he receives them.

Carlson has been lambasted for criticizing Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D. IL), a former contender for vice-presidential running mate for Joe Biden, as a “deeply silly and unimpressive person” who “[hates] America.” Carlson made this comment because Duckworth showed sympathy on CNN for removing the monuments of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson amid the ongoing conversations on race following the death of George Floyd.

So what? Carlson is a patriot who reveres the founders of our republic, and he does not take kindly to someone who thinks that removing monuments bearing their likeness is negotiable. He saw the implication of Duckworth’s attitude: down with Jefferson today and then down with every single monument—including, as we witnessed, even those of figures who were ardent opponents of slavery and who fought for its eradication. This is exactly what happened during the feral statue-toppling hysteria that gripped the country and even other parts of the world. In London, a statue of Abraham Lincoln was vandalized at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Lincoln was the heroic president who went to war to free American slaves and was killed for it. In Washington D.C., protestors raged against Admiral David Farragut, who went against the separatists in his own state of Tennessee and joined the Union. Today, he is widely known as the hero of the Battle of Mobile Bay, which dealt a major blow to the Confederate states. “Murderer” and “colonizer” were also spray-painted near the name of abolitionist advocate Mattias Baldwin in Philadelphia. Here is a man who was a champion of black voting rights, who paid for and championed the education of black children before the Civil War, and who was known to pay for teachers out of his own pocket.

To show the rampant ignorance at work here, in Boston, protestors vandalized a monument dedicated to the 54th Massachusetts regiment. This was the second all-black volunteer regiment of the Union. The list could go on of black and white fighters who fought against the oppression of blacks, and whose symbolic representations are the targets of indiscriminate attacks.  

Carlson, in my estimation, has truthfully claimed that the Black Live Matter Movement “is definitely not about lives” but rather about “leftwing mobs” who are trying to cancel people’s rights. As I wrote in this magazine last month, the Black Lives Matter Chicago organizer said the mobs who vandalized and looted downtown businesses in Chicago did nothing wrong. She called it “reparations” for Black suffering.

“That is reparations,” Ariel Atkins, the organizer, told NBC Chicago. “Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance.”

Defenders of Black Lives Matters could be seen holding banners proclaiming: “Our Futures Have Been Looted From Us... Loot Back.”

Carlson has been called a xenophobe because he has condemned sanctuary cities, and because he is an ardent critic of granting voting rights to illegal immigrants and of illegal immigration in general. It’s also because he believes the rights of American schoolchildren should supersede those of undocumented migrants flooding our school system.

The list of indictments against Carlson could go on ad infinitum. A friend of mine last week said to me, wide-eyed and indignant "Did you hear all the horrible things Tucker said about black people? He’s such a racist.”

“No,” I responded, “I didn’t hear about them because I’m pretty sure he never said them. He’s not a racist. He’s a diehard American patriot.”

This, I think, is the real place to start regarding why the left-wing media and their herd-like followers who have never watched an episode of Carlson’s show hate him so much. Above all, Carlson loves America. He’s a patriot who hates to see the way in which cancel culture, woke fascists, crazed left-wing cultural post-modern Marxists and socialists are destroying this country.

Carlson is able to see with great lucidity the connection between what happens in the classroom and how it translates with lightning speed into the boardrooms and corporate offices and mainstream culture in general, into toxic policies that undermine the existential and moral health of American citizens. He sees that our universities are transmission belts of culture, and he spends a lot of time as a news person on intellectual issues.

Carson functions like a wholesaler as opposed to a retailer in the realm of integrating seemingly disparate phenomena in our culture. The Left will always hate him for that, for the simple reason that they navigate themselves through the world by two forms of disingenuous behavior: stealth and obfuscation. Carlson just has a way of shredding the hypocrisy and unexamined narratives under which so many conversations are conducted. He dares to name the consequences of nefarious actions taking place. He justifiably points to the looters, rioters, vandals and Black Lives Matter advocates who are breaking up the USA economy and whose organizers are all openly admitting that they are trained Marxist social disruptors.

Carlson has issued a clarion call and a dire warning: “They are coming for you.” And guess what? He’s right. But the establishment media made a caricature of him, and some of his sponsors pulled the plug on him – or threatened to do so. Carlson was correct in his warning; he was issuing a protective call to all sensible persons: black or white, these thugs will burn and loot and destroy your property and, therefore, the material application of your values. Their attacks, Carlson has realized, are an attack on reason and the human mind itself, the two faculties that create and produce wealth in this country and that sustain the moochers and looters and social ballasts destroying it all.

This leads to perhaps the most important issue for why Carlson is hated. He is a brilliant man. He’s not only the smartest man on television, he’s an intellectual in his own right. He asks smart questions, he thinks in terms of fundamental principles, his analyses, if not always correct (who among us is infallible?), do not stem from piecemeal thinking, but from a consistent and well thought-out philosophic and political ideology.

Unlike many television personalities who are mere talking heads and pundits, and who rant and shout and emit emotional vibrations, Tucker is an advocate of reason and logic; he knows like a good moral persuader when to judiciously use rhetoric and emotional appeal to buttress his points. But the thrust of his positions starts from basic premises and he works his way down to an often apocalyptic conclusion.

In today’s culturally bankrupt environment, Carlson comes across as close to a moral Olympian pugilist as we are likely to see on national television.

The Left likes to posture at hand-ringing over agonistic “problematizing” of moral dilemmas. It is made up of ethical relativists who are also hysterically virulent in their moral judgments. If you claim to be a moral foundationalist as Carlson does, holding that there exists an objective sense of right and wrong, leftists will label you an imperial fascist, and a purveyor of racist tropes. Yet these same leftists are the first to declare with absolute certainty, while hiding behind relativism, that slavery is responsible for every problem black people experience today, from obesity to hypertension; that gender pronouns are oppressive and discriminatory; and that failure to support “sex-reassignment” in children from as early as thirteen years of age is conclusive proof that one is a transphobe.

Carlson, of course, takes no prisoners. He rips these ridiculous shibboleths to shreds and exposes the malarkey and specious reasoning behind the individuals promulgating these ideas. He identifies them by the monikers they are most deserving of: child abusers. The leftwing media and its journalists who make a living writing hagiographies about destroyers of our civilization will certainly hate a man who has devoted his professional life to letting us know the American republic could be seeing its last days; that so long as there is one thinking man or woman out there willing to think and to act in accordance with such thinking, then our republic might still be saved.

But why wouldn’t they hate someone who points out all the abuses leveled against the West and our magnificent American republic? There was a time as an independent conservative when I held out hope that there was some semblance of rationality left in the left-wing factions of this country. Today, when a conglomeration of left-wing voices can lump Black Lives Matter adherents as the moral equivalents of Martin Luther King Jr., when it can authorize the dismantling and defunding of the police -- law enforcement that protects safety and individual rights -- there is no hope any longer for reasonable people to have so-called reasonable disagreements.

When Rutgers and the University of Chicago have declared essentially that grammar is racist, that English as a discipline has had a long history of providing aesthetic, rationalizations for colonization, exploitation, extraction and anti-Blackness, there is no lower rung in education hell to sink into. The collapse of our civilization is all but imminent.

Tucker evinces righteous indignation and a principled and (you can see it in his expression) a visceral hatred of these moral pandemic infecting our American civilization. He is willing to fight fire with fire. The Left is always wielding the cudgel of morality that suffuses even morally neutral issues; but Tucker does not yield one inch to his adversaries. He is confident, indignant, incendiary for the cause, and he does not care what people think of him. People, in general, will hate you for possessing these traits.

Progressives will always hate Tucker Carlson because they and Tucker hold irreconcilable moral positions. The latter is the bearer of moral values, the other of anti-values. Tucker loves America, reason, capitalism and the self-sufficient human being who assumes responsibility for his or her life. Leftists just downright hate America and will poison it with every anti-American, anti-reason philosophy they can excavate or create.

The Left today is out for a radical Marxist takeover not just of America, but of the world. That would be tragic and the result would be destruction, moral putrefaction and death.

Tucker Carlson is today’s media prophet who sees the existential wasteland ahead of us filled with rotting corpses -- and the best among us struggling on the dustbin of history to rebuild what the destroyers and looters, long dead, left in their wake.

Tucker’s warning voice is the voice leftists hate. It sounds the death knell to their cult of death.

Jason D. Hill is professor of philosophy at DePaul University in Chicago, and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His areas of specialization include ethics, social and political philosophy, American foreign policy and American politics. He is the author of several books, including “We Have Overcome: An Immigrant’s Letter to the American People” (Bombardier Books/Post Hill Press). Follow him on Twitter @JasonDhill6.


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