My Introduction to 'Peaceful Death Threats Vol. 2'

Muslims often send me death threats with the assurance that “Islam means peace."

[Below is Bosch Fawstin's introduction to his new book, "Peaceful Death Threats Vol. 2". Order it at his store HERE.]

Facebook just notified me that I’m suspended for thirty days for an unidentified post of mine from last year, but I’m still able to post for whatever reason. But if you’re Muslim and you threaten to rape and murder me on their platform, Facebook will allow it with impunity. In the summer/fall of 2018, I got thousands of death threats on every platform that I haven't yet been banned from, when I was announced as the judge for another Mohammad cartoon contest (which was unfortunately canceled). After Facebook and Instagram never responded to my reports of the death threats, (I was banned on Twitter by that point for criticizing Marvel’s Islamic propaganda comic book for ignoring the Only reason we discuss Islam, which is jihad) I asked friends if they could help me report the threats, and a good number of them did.

But there are still people who pretend that those of us who are routinely punished by socialist media for countering their pro-Islam/leftist agenda, somehow deserve to be punished, because we've allegedly gone against their so-called “community standards".

Well, the screenshots in the following pages (before I get into the actual “peaceful death threats” and the sixty new Mohammad cartoons by me that they inspired) should make even Facebook's biggest apologists lift an eyebrow, at the least. Facebook chooses not to ban Muslims who’ve threatened to rape and murder me on their platform because they "found that it doesn't go against any of our community standards."

I repeat: Facebook, over and over again, responded to reports of the death threats against me as Not going against ANY of their “community standards”.

And they have the gall to add that "We keep our review process as fair as possible" and that they "understand" that I may not "like it". I sure as hell don't like it. And for those who would tell me, "What do you expect?" Go to hell. I expect better from those living in a civilized society. The least Facebook could do is have a Zero Tolerance policy against those who threaten the lives of their users, no matter who they are, no matter how “racist” and "islamophobic" they'll be accused of being. If removing the accounts of Muslims who threaten people on socialist media makes one an "islamophobe", then maybe it might make the fools who fall for that smear realize that it's a term that's been made up by an enemy at war with us, in order to keep us in check. This is Unacceptable, and were there any legitimate news organizations left, ones that were run by actual journalists who were objective, this would be a major story. But it goes unreported, and these platforms get away with helping endanger the lives of others by not banning the accounts of savages.


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