With Politicians Like These, Who Needs the Joker?

It’s not the virus, but politicians, who’ve devastated the world.

I was thinking about criminals like New York’s Cuomo and California’s Newsom, and how they now feel that they can do whatever the hell they want, to be as irrational as they want, and do what they forbid others to do, and that led me to think about super villains in comic books, and how they threaten to shut down cities, to everyone’s fear, and I drew up this cartoon. Even the mad Joker thinks that these politicians are crazy, as shutting down cities is his thing. These politicians of ours are now in the habit of doing whatever they want, no matter how destructive it is to Americans.

And I haven’t forgotten the leftists in politics and media who always fear-monger over impending government shutdowns, with sob stories about how government workers would suffer, which was a Complete Lie, as only about 17% of government is shutdown during government “shutdowns”, and most government workers are paid during them. It further damns the politicians and media who are all for private sector shutdowns, even though the consequences are devastating for business owners, as thousands of businesses have been pummeled out of existence over unnecessary shutdowns. If Walmart and other large stores can remain open through a pandemic, with many people coming in and out, then NO smaller business, with less people, should have ever been shut down.

At this point, I think many angry Americans are good and ready for a truly necessary shutdown that we can all get behind, and that’s a massive government shutdown.


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