Fear of the Believers

What should our response be?

Some of us who smelled a rat from the outset of “the Pandemic”—a catchall term that has been used by the power- and ratings-obsessed to justify all manner of illegality and immorality—find ourselves struggling over how,  assuming that there ever will be a restoration of some semblance of pre-COVID normalcy, we can, or even should, resume relationships with those of our friends, relatives, and members of our local communities who chose months ago to sever real, live contact with us for fear of contracting “The Virus” which, judging from their actions, is as uniquely contagious as it is deadly.

As the COVID Internment approaches its 10th month, the deep sadness that I once felt over the radical subversion of my beloved country—as well as that of much of the rest of the world—gives way to outrage no less profound. So too do I still experience moments of incredulity as I witness the astonishing success had by political, bureaucratic, and media elites in driving terror into the hearts of untold millions, a dread of a cold virus that these same elites have exploited for the sake of assuming control of whole populations in ways that would have been unthinkable as recently as the beginning of March.

The True Believers are indeed genuinely fearful. For this reason, I have labored indefatigably to exercise patience and compassion. Yet as we witness the truly incalculable damage of every conceivable sort that millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of more men, women, and children around the planet have been made to endure because the fearful have not only indulged their fears, but have required others to do the same, I begin to question whether these virtues remain appropriate.  

And they become all but impossible to exercise in the face of the moral and cognitive superiority that the Faucians presume whenever anyone tries to disabuse them of their fears. Tellingly—strangely—they become hyper-defensive, angry, even while denying that they are fearful for themselves; rather, to hear them tell it, it is from fear of inadvertently spreading The Virus to others that they wear their (demonstrably useless) face coverings.  

So, righteous indignation seems to be a not altogether unreasonable or immoral response to the Faucians’ dereliction of personal responsibility, their refusal to cultivate those intellectual and moral excellencies required of the members of a self-governing citizenry. Their actions have deleteriously undercut the well-being of their fellow human beings, not just here at home but around the globe.  

And yet, to repeat, the True Believers are genuinely fearful. 

Now, fear is universal, necessary, and when rational, it is desirable. As far as irrational fear is concerned, everyone has their share of it. However, as every other generation before our own has recognized, the difference between a strong person and a weak one is not that the strong one has rid himself entirely of all irrational fears while the latter indulges them. The difference is that the strong person confronts, repeatedly if need be, his irrational fears, calling them out, through word and deed, for what they are. The weaker person refuses to do this, choosing instead to succumb to them—irrespectively of the cost that doing so imposes upon his life and/or the lives of others.

The irrationally fearful will doubtless object that there is nothing at all irrational about their fear of contracting COVID-19. 

To be clear, there is nothing irrational about a person’s fear of getting sick, whether from COVID or from any number of other viruses and bacterial infections. Who the hell wants to get sick?! Yet it isn’t the fear per se that is irrational here, but the extent to which the True Believers have permitted it to dictate their world. No one, and certainly no reasonably healthy person, should be giving scarcely any consideration at all to contracting COVID, to say nothing of obsessing over it as the True Believers have. That the irrationally fearful are indeed irrationally fearful can be proven readily enough:

(a) Most fundamentally, the Boogeyman that haunts their imaginations day and night has never even been proven to definitively exist. This is to say that The Virus has never been properly isolated, meaning purified and extracted, as must be done to determine for certain that a distinct virus actually, really exists.

Of course, the Experts and their sock puppet apologists in the propaganda media will say that the Virus has been “isolated,” but this is Newspeak. What they mean to say is that a variety of cells from humans and animals, a variety of toxic drugs and chemicals, and other genetic material co-exists in a biochemical soup, and because some of the cells that are components of this concoction have died, this must mean that it is The Virus that is somewhere within that concoction that has killed them. That the drugs may have killed the cells, or that the starvation of the cells may explain their demise, are apparently considerations not worth entertaining.

The Virus, you see, is assumed to exist within the mix. In order, though, to know for certain that it actually exists within it, it needs to be separated out from the other guck in the mess—something that has not been done, as activist-citizens from various countries are now discovering while dozens of governmental health agencies that they have contacted via Freedom of Information laws have proven themselves incapable of supplying records of the process whereby The Virus has allegedly been isolated, i.e. separated from everything else.

(b) The PCR test, the “gold standard” of COVID tests, was never designed to measure infections, much less sickness. Karry Mullis, the test’s inventor, made the point unequivocally when he bluntly stated: “Quantitative PCR testing is an oxymoron.”

Moreover, the PCR tests, not for a virus, but for RNA that is assumed to be in The Virus that is assumed to exist.

Yet even here, given subscription to the CDC recommendation that the PCR test be run at anywhere between 35-45 cycles, the test is that much more useless, for as all scientists, including none other than Dr. Fauci himself, concede, this high of a threshold of cycles is all but guaranteed to return a false-positive result. The scientists interviewed by The New York Times place the false-positive rate as high as 90%, while still others have said that it could be as high as 97% and, beyond a certain limit, possibly as high as 100% false-positive.

(c) You can always get peeks at the truth more from what State propagandists in Big Media do not say than by what they do say.  Even as the Fake Newsies breathlessly wax hysterical over the alleged explosion of “cases,” and even as the hand-picked government lackey doctors who they showcase violate their Hippocratic Oath by contributing to the anxiety, panic, and depression of Americans by going on about possible shortages of medical supplies, etc., notice that none of these Chicken Littles ever talk about the lethality and survival rates of COVID.

This is because even according to their own official numbers (which are wildly inflated), COVID has a mortality rate of anywhere between one-tenth and five-tenths of one percent. This in turn means that anywhere between 99.5-99.9% of the people who are said to have contracted COVID get over it.

To underscore: The country has lost its collective mind while ruining countless numbers of lives over a cold virus that hasn’t been proven to exist, but which even according to the official Government-Media Narrative has a mortality rate approximating that of the official mortality rate of the seasonal flu, and “case” numbers determined by a test that is all but worthless even on its own terms.      

The fear that pervades a large portion of the American citizenry is real. It is also, as I showed here, irrational. And it has proven to be dangerous to all people in the United States and throughout the world. 

The governing class never could’ve accomplished in 2020 what it in fact accomplished if not for the compliance of the untold millions of Americans that it was able to so easily manipulate.

So, the conflict within me between pity for the genuinely, but irrationally, fearful and outrage over their actions, continues.


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