Critical Race Theory In One Perfect Photo

A "queer, nonbinary Black fat femme writer" breaks it all down for you.

On Tuesday, Kurt Schlichter tweeted a photo of a classroom scene headlined “CRT in one perfect photo.” It promptly disappeared, so he tweeted again, under the headline “she’s just teaching about slavery,” and that too promptly vanished. The rapid takedowns are puzzling, given the photo’s content. Consider the subjects on the left side of the board, starting at the top. 

Diversity is a reality of the human condition but in critical race theory (CRT) it is code for proportionality. Under the proportionality doctrine, everything in society must represent the racial and ethnic proportions of the population. If proportionality does not exist, that can only be due to deliberate racial prejudice, and must be remedied by government action in the form of racial quotas, passed off as affirmative action, diversity and so forth.

As Thomas Sowell has often noted, it’s hard to find any place or time when any institution represented the ethnic proportions of the population. CRT ignores personal differences, effort and choice, which account for different outcomes, even among family members of the same race and ethnicity. Since proportionality is not a matter of law, “diversity” is a CRT dogma, at odds with reality, that must be imposed.

“Intersectionality,” next on the list, involves the “interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.” In other words, “intersectional theory asserts that people are often disadvantaged by multiple sources of oppression: their race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and other identity markers.” The tacit assumption is that the “multiple sources of oppression,” come from a single group, which CRT calls “white people.”

CRT intersects with groups such as the Nation of Islam, which as the late Stanley Crouch noted, contends that “the white man was a devil ‘grafted’ from black people in an evil genetic experiment by a mad, pumpkin-headed scientist named Yacub. That experiment took place 6000 years ago. Now the white man was doomed, sentenced to destruction by Allah.” As Daniel Greenfield explains a new generation dresses up the old black nationalism “in the obtuse academic jargon of intersectionality,” and “that’s where Tamika Mallory and Ta-Nehisi Coates come from.”

Moving down the list, “Equality/equity” does not mean equality before the law for all people, regardless of race, ethnicity or nation origin. CRT intends equality of outcome, regardless of personal difference, effort and choice, with the outcome enforced by state power.

“People of Color” is simply another way of dividing people into an oppressor class and a victim class. In this variation on Marxist dogma, the division is based on skin pigmentation, not the division between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, workers and bosses etc. The People of No Color are the oppressor class and in CRT there’s no getting around it.

CRT is a subsidiary of DSM, the Dictatorship of the Subjunctive Mood. So the intersectional oppressed need a “Safe Space” from reality. Any statement at odds with CRT dogma is violent aggression, and as People of No Color have learned, even silence can be violence. 

“White Privilege,” next on the list, is CRT’s default explanation for any achievement by the People of No Color. Effort, sacrifice, dedication and so forth play no role whatsoever. Conversely, under CRT any problems that People of Color might have are entirely due to the moral deficiencies of the People of No Color.

“Capitalism,” next on the list, is a system of free economic exchange that has lifted nations from poverty better than feudalism, socialism and the like. In CRT, capitalism is simply another engine of oppression.

“Racism” is discrimination against a group of people based on factors they cannot control, such as skin color. As the teacher helpfully explains on the right side, marked with an asterisk: ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST.

Blaise Pascal was from France, and what does that tell you? The inventor of la machine arithmétique, the first computer, had no idea that math was an oppressive construct of “whiteness”  and that getting the right answer was racist.

William Wilberforce and all those People of No Color who worked to abolish the slave trade had no idea that they were racists. By the standards of CRT, so were the Freedom Riders and much of the Civil Rights Movement. But then, as the board proclaims, all white people are racists. Below that proclamation the class finds: Pay Pal me/ Ashleighthelion, and below that, a reference to the instructor telling the People of No Color they are all racists.

According to Huffpost, “Ashleigh Shackelford is a queer, nonbinary Black fat femme writer, cultural producer, and artist,” but according to this tweet, “she’s Hunter Ashleigh now.” Either way, the queer, nonbinary Black fat femme writer provided the perfect picture of Critical Race Theory.

“Critical” is a meaningless modifier for the hateful, racist indoctrination now going on in schools, government, the police and the military. “All White People are Racists,” is a justification for hostile action against the group CRT designates as oppressors. If CRT is not halted, violence will not be long delayed.


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