'We Have Won!'

Terrorist mass murderer Nidal Hasan urges the Taliban to implement Sharia law.

We Have Won!!! All-Praises be to All-Mighty Allah! Congratulations on your victory over those who hate for the Laws of All-Mighty God to be supreme on the land. I pray to Allah that He helps you implement Shariah Law fully, correctly, and fairly.”

That was Fort Hood mass murderer Nidal Hasan, in a letter to his attorney retired U.S. Army Col. John Galligan, directing his remarks to the Taliban. Hasan’s most significant word is “We.”

Hasan was a major in the U.S. Army Major but described himself as a “soldier of Allah.” In 2009, Hasan was communicating with al Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki about killing American soldiers, then shipping out for Afghanistan. On November 5, 2009, at Fort Hood, Texas, Hasan gunned down 13 unarmed American soldiers and wounded more than 30 others. The soldier of Allah saw himself as a combatant for the Taliban, but those in charge at the time didn’t see it that way.

For the composite character president David Garrow described in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, it was only “workplace violence,” not even gun violence. As Col. Galligan told Fox News this week, “workplace violence” is not even a punishable offence in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). True to form, Hasan was charged with mass murder, but not terrorism. According to Galligan, “the government could have elected to proceed along that line but chose not to.”

The composite character president, formerly known as Barry Soetoro, called the killings “incomprehensible,” adding that “no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts.” For Hasan, it was fully comprehensible, and he certain believed Islam justified his actions.

Vice president Joe Biden said, “Jill and I join the President and Michelle in expressing our sympathies to the families of the brave soldiers who fell today.  We are all praying for those who were wounded and hoping for their full and speedy recovery.  Our thoughts and prayers are also with the entire Fort Hood community as they deal with this senseless tragedy.” For Nidal Hasan, the attack made perfect sense.

The American soldiers were heading for Afghanistan, and the “soldier of Allan” sided with the Taliban. So he gunned down the U.S. soldiers before they shipped out. For Biden the American soldiers only “fell,” as though it was some sort of accident. The mass murder was only a “senseless tragedy,” not a deliberate atrocity, or even a crime. As vice president, Biden would have access to the best information, but he mentioned not a single American victim by name, not even Pvt. Francheska Velez, who was pregnant and died crying “my baby!”

Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford took seven bullets from Hasan and complained that the shooter, wounded by a civilian police officer, got better medical treatment that he did. In 2014, the composite character president declined to meet with Sgt. Lunsford.

Hasan was sentenced to death in 2013, but the sentence was not carried out. From his cell at Fort Leavenworth, Hasan now shows solidarity with the terrorist bombers who killed 13 Americans. In his delayed response to the atrocity, Joe Biden mumbled something about his late son Beau but mentioned not a single American victim by name. As with Communist China, Biden appears to believe the Taliban are “not bad folks,” and worthy of partnership.

Biden’s military has been sharing intelligence with the Taliban, and under commander-in-chief Biden, the U.S. military gave the Taliban a list of Americans still trapped in Afghanistan. Biden also hired the Taliban for security at the airport, akin to hiring the Einsatzgruppen to aid refugees fleeing the Nazis. The Taliban proceeded to let ISIS-K, a Taliban faction, through a check point and they detonated the bomb that claimed 13 American lives. That could have been prevented, and so could Nidal Hasan’s Fort Hood massacre.

The FBI knew Hasan was communicating with al Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki about killing Americans. As congressional hearings made clear, bureau bosses dropped the surveillance. Despite the communications with al-Awlaki, the FBI claimed Hasan acted alone and was not part of a broader terrorist plot.

Thirteen Americans died but their murderer lives on and cheers on the Taliban. This is what happens when a death sentence is not swiftly executed. Should another Fort Hood terrorist attack occur, soldiers would be advised to take care of business on the spot.

In 2009, the murder of 13 Americans did not prompt an investigation for other jihadists in the ranks. For the composite character and his vice president, their domestic political opposition posed the true threat.

In similar style, Joe Biden’s FBI, DOJ and military now target “white supremacists,” “right-wing extremists,” and so forth, code for anyone less than worshipful of Joe Biden and the composite character. As Americans might recall, he traded one American deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, for five hard-core Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay. Released with the others in 2014, Khairullah Khairkhwa proceeded to reunite the Taliban and help them capture power in Afghanistan.

Under commander-in-chief Joe Biden and his leftist handlers, racist and Marxist indoctrination is dividing the ranks and prompting outstanding officers such as Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier to leave the military.  With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 at hand, Americans remain more vulnerable than ever.


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