When 'Progressives' Say Choice, They Don’t Really Mean It

You can choose to do things their way -- or not at all.

“Progressives” say they believe in choice. Sure they do – as long as you make the right choice, in their warped judgement.

The left was spitting mad last week over the Supreme Court decision not to block enforcement of the Texas heartbeat bill (which bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected) while a case is pending in the lower courts. Portland, Ore., whose streets are owned by Antifa, announced it was boycotting products from the Lone Star State. Texans must be weeping bitter tears this very day.

At a press briefing, White House Mouthpiece Jen Psaki was in rare form. (If there was an Olympic event in self-righteousness, she’d be a gold medalist.) When asked how the president reconciled his professed Catholicism with his support for abortion, she sternly responded with the argument abortion advocates have used since Roe v. Wade – a woman’s body/a woman’s choice.  You’d think after almost 50 years, they could come up with something more original.

Abortion fits the progressives’ worldview perfectly – population control and destruction of the family. Progressives are classic Malthusians: There are too many of us and we must do whatever we can to limit population growth. They fret about babies leaving tiny carbon footprints on the planet.

Neo-Marxists view the family as competition for the state. Men and women are united in the act of procreation. So whatever weakens that bond advances the interests of the collective.

The Democrats also insist that a man can choose to be a woman and vice versa – that there’s little connection between sex and genitalia. Even though your sex is determined at conception, progressives believe you can successfully assume the identity of the opposite sex. Follow the science, huh?

Additionally, the left thinks you should be free to take drugs and consume pornography. Some wouldn‘t even blanche at kiddie porn. (Addicts are easier to control.)

My body my choice? Does that mean I can choose not to be vaccinated? No, say the Democrats in a deafening chorus. You’re endangering others. (Like allowing unvetted immigrants to pour into the country over our unguarded southern border?)

They have devised all sorts of fiendish devices for tormenting the unvaccinated. Under New York City’s socialist mayor, you can’t be admitted to indoor dining or entertainment without the jab.

California is being sued by police and firefighters’ unions over a vaccination mandate for all state workers. Apparently, those who rush into burning buildings to save lives or risk their own on increasingly mean streets will not be allowed personal choice when it comes to vaccination.

What about the right to defend my body with a firearm? Shouldn’t that be a personal choice too? Now wait just a minute, say progressives, this is carrying the choice thing too far. You might use your gun to harm someone.

You could also use it to defend someone else’s life, as well as your own. The 2017 church shootings in Sutherland Springs, TX. were stopped by a former NRA firearms instructor with an AR-15.

Well, we don’t like guns, so you can’t have one, say the champions of choice. When it’s their ideology versus your life, guess which loses?

What about public-school indoctrination via comprehensive sexuality education, Critical Race Theory, and transgenderism’s pronoun games (not to mention boys in girls’ rooms)?

 Parents say, I pay for these schools through my taxes – over which I have no control. Since I can’t afford to send them to a private school, must my children be offered up to state schools to have their psyches sanitized? There is something called school choice, which progressives fight tooth and nail.

So, no choice for you inner-city parent, religious parent (who wants to protect your child’s innocence) or patriotic parent who doesn’t want your kids taught that America is inherently evil. You can attend school committee meetings and get arrested if you make too much of a fuss, or run for local office – if you have the time. That’s it.

As of September 5, 280 children were shot in Chicago this year, 34 died.

Most who live in high-crime urban areas want more police protection. But the debate is driven by those designated community activists (BLM/Antifa sympathizers) resulting in police budgets cut while violent crime spikes. Ordinary Chicagoans are forced to live in a city where 2-year-olds are routinely shot in the head – guinea pigs in a bizarre “reimagine-policing” social experiment.

Back to the border. I’m an American, like my parents and grandparents before me. I pay taxes, obey the law and participate in the political process. But when it comes to the chaos down south, once again, I have no choice.

Hordes of illegal aliens stream across the U.S./Mexican border daily, including criminals, potential terrorists and the permanently dependent. This is done deliberately to increase Democrat support in red states, the residents of which have no say in the matter.

If leftists had any shame, they’d stop bloviating about choice.

Never in our history has there been a more monolithic political movement than what’s called progressivism. It created the cancel culture, where if you choose to voice non-orthodox views you can lose your job and be punished in sundry other ways.

They believe in choice the way hook-up dating apps believe in virginity. For progressives, it’s their way or the highway -- which they’ll make you pay for (infrastructure spending, baby!).


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