Andrew Klavan: Why Democrats Call You Racist

A Truth Revolt video.

llIn this Truth Revolt video and transcript below, our host explains why leftists can't stop talking about the historic suffering of black people in America -- Because they caused most of it!



I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth.

Many conservatives feel hurt and confused by the fact that Democrats keep calling them racist. If you think black Americans should be treated exactly the same as white Americans, they call you racist for opposing affirmative action. If you point out that the poverty rate for blacks has increased sharply under President Obama, they call you racist for criticizing a black President. And if you complain that Democrats treat black people like helpless children, they call you racist for calling black people helpless children...  which you didn’t but, too late, it’s already in all the headlines.  Which are written by Democrats.

As a conservative, sometimes you just want take a Democrat aside and ask him straight out, “How’d that feel?” after, you know, you’ve kicked him in the groin.

Now I’m in the center of the political spectrum, because I stand to the right on matters of personal liberty, limited government and free markets but I stand to the left in relation to the random picture of Gary Busey on my right.  So maybe I can explain to conservatives why Democrats are so quick to level this ugly charge.

You see, Democrats have a special insight into the mistreatment of African Americans because...  they committed most of it. Now, we don’t want to dwell on the distant past when Democrats defended slavery against Abe Lincoln and his Republicans...  or when they formed the Ku Klux Klan or passed oppressive Jim Crow laws... or when Democrats like Al Gore Sr. or Robert Byrd... or George Wallace or Lester Maddox... or Bill Clinton’s mentor J. William Fulbright... stood as staunch segregationists.

The modern Democratic party is much different.  Appalled by the way evil slavemasters once tore black families apart, Democrats fashioned welfare to subsidize unmarried motherhood so that free African Americans could tear their families apart themselves. After all, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle to support her and help raise her fish children so you don’t end up with prisons full of little fish who never had a bicycle.

But don’t worry about crime in black communities, because Democrats have insured that black criminals will be treated fairly and leniently so they can continue to prey at will on the vast majority of African Americans who are law abiding citizens.

And of course if all that Democrat sponsored illegitimacy and crime should mire blacks in poverty, Democrat entitlement programs will make that poverty as comfortable as possible so it will continue as long as possible.

And that’s why when you allude to the provably disastrous results of Democrat programs in poor black neighborhoods, Democrats call you racist. Because they feel bad.  Because you kicked them in the groin.

I’m Andrew Klavan with the revolting truth.

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