The 'War on Black People': But Who Is Winning?

The horror in St. Louis the media refuses to tell the truth about.

wgbSt. Louis is now Ground Zero for the “war on black males": So named by Spike Lee after a white cop shot a black teenager, unleashing ten days of riots and rage and free shopping in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.

But here is what Spike Lee did not say: Black people are winning the war. At least in St. Louis.

Black-on-white crime is an everyday fact of life in this once vibrant city. And more and more people — the ones who are left, anyway — are wondering why local media refuse to tell the truth about it.

The latest example came Sunday evening. A group of black people on bicycles surrounded, threatened, and robbed two horse-drawn carriages — the kind you find in the nicer parts of town where tourists congregate.

A place where black mob violence used to be rare. Not anymore. Not for a long time. Not in St. Louis.

The local CBS affiliate reported that two suspects have been arrested, and the owner of the carriage company put on a brave front, saying crime is unusual in that part of St. Louis:

“We’ve been there seven nights a week for 35 years and never had an issue with anything,” Jerry Kirk says. “This is the first time that we’ve ever had an incident this way, and I’m not aware that there’s ever been an incident like this ever before.”

To its credit, the news station allowed readers in the comments section to tell the full story of racial violence and denial that its own reporter did not — or could not — say. And they did, by the hundreds:

“I'm from St. Louis,” said one reader at the CBS St. Louis web site. “This happened in the big tourist area called the Riverfront, right along the Mississippi. Right across the river is East St. Louis, Illinois, totally crime ridden. The truth is that rampaging "teen" boys come streaming across the bridge all the time to beat people, rob them and terrorize families, especially during big festivals. Yes, I've seen it personally and it was damned scary. I'm shocked to hear this carriage owner say this has never happened to his employees before. They're either very, very lucky, or he's lying. The area needs cops stationed down there along the Riverfront 24/7. Thank God Missouri finally has concealed carry.”

Many of the readers wondered why it was so easy to report on the racial angle in the Ferguson shooting, and so difficult thereafter. “Nice to see Missouri's back to normal after all that awful, awful White Racism of the past few weeks,” said another.

From the Arch to the Delmar Loop to the Riverfront, readers of White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it know that black mob violence happens often but is reported rarely.

St. Louis is often credited as being the birthplace of the Knockout Game, where black people attack non-black people for spite or fun. Sometimes throwing in a bit of robbery. Local judge Jennifer Joyce said one man alone was responsible for 300 cases of the knockout attacks.

The mayor even stumbled across a case of the Knockout game: When the suspects went to trial, the main witness mysteriously decided not to show up. “Free my TKO Boys,” they exclaimed on Facebook as they celebrated.

One of the freed suspects was shot dead a year later, while breaking into a home. His grandfather said the 15-year-old was a good boy, “just like Trayvon.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is on the front lines of this war on black people — determined not to let anyone know there is a war of any kind. Or if there is, it is pretty much normal. Back when the Knockout Game was only a regional phenomena, the Post dispatch said anyone playing it displayed a “sociopathic lack of empathy.”

Ready for some world-class moral equivalence: “On the other hand, the more you think about it, it perfectly captures today’s zeitgeist, the spirit of the times,” said the editorial. “Why not let 50 million people go without health insurance? Why not tilt the table so all the money runs down to one end? You don’t know them, so why care about hurting them? It’s not like you punched them in the head.”

Hat tip to the Gateway Pundit, a St. Louis web site that figured this one out: Being against Obama Care is a sure sign of a sociopathic lack of empathy that leads to violence.

Back to the war reporting:

On July 4, 2013, in downtown St. Louis, a black mob described as “sea of people” assaulted several employees and patrons of local shops after the fireworks. According to the local NBC affiliate:

Joe Stapf says he was ambushed and attacked while he was talking on his cell phone in the alley behind Robust during his break. He was talking to his girlfriend when one teenager punched him in the face and ran off. Then more teens started attacking him for no apparent reason.

He says they took off without stealing anything.

Stapf’s girlfriend suffered a similar, Knockout Game attack in January. [i]

Another employee in the upscale district reported a “mob of kids” stealing cell phones, throwing chairs, vandalizing cars, and assaulting people.

The Post-Dispatch described more holiday mayhem in the first paragraph of its story on July 4: “A group of security guards were attacked with fireworks and then one was hit by a vehicle during an incident Thursday night, police say.”

No one was arrested. So it never happened.

Commentators at local news sites are frequently upset at the frequency of this black mob violence in St. Louis. And how the local media continue to ignore it. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch leads the way in shutting down the comments section if the story involves racial violence. But the local TV stations often keep the comments open. After the Fourth of July 2013 race riot in St. Louis that no one called a race riot, Greg Rodey posted on the local NBC web site:

“Just like the 'kids' that attacked the Wisconsin state fair goers , the 'youths' that mobbed a Peoria neighborhood, and the 'teens' who beat a white girl into convulsions on a school bus in Ocala. Look it up. Maybe if we just keep ignoring the elephant in the corner, it will just go away. Right, media?”

In the entertainment district known as the Delmar Loop, large groups of black people regularly rampage through the area, beating, stealing, shooting, terrorizing. All the while leaving the St. Louis shopkeepers and white hipsters clueless about what is happening. And why.

The headlines tell the story: “Thefts at outdoor restaurants a concern in Delmar Loop,” said KMOV.

“Massive fight, shots fired on Delmar Loop,” said KSDK.

And of course, lots of the violence is on video: “Delmar Loop shots fired caught on tape,” said KSDK.

How many headlines do you want? That is how many there are. With many of the stories containing the now familiar refrain: "Oh yeah, that has been happening here a long time."

One black St. Louis talk show host said violence in The Loops was easy to understand: Black people are creating mayhem because the clubs have not “reached out” and made the black people feel welcome.

So they riot.

As they did in a St. Louis mall following the shooting in Ferguson. Only no one called that a riot. They called it a large fight.

One of the more violent groups goes by the name of the Obama Boyz.

Whatever they call themselves, local business and media leaders are desperate that people somehow accept this new normal of regular black mob violence. A normal where the black criminals are winning. And everyone pretends not to notice.

If the comments on local news stories are any judge, more and more folks in St. Louis say that is not working. Not anymore.


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