The Leftist and Islamic War on the Family

The greatest threat to the totalitarian state is the family.

warThe greatest threat to the totalitarian state is the family. In Nazi Germany, in the Soviet Union and in the Islamic State, children were split apart from their families, subjected to ruthless indoctrination and taught to turn on their parents at the slightest hint of dissent.

In our more enlightened liberal society where the family is being displaced by the state, children are merely taught to view their parents as ignorant, racist, sexist, homophobic and outdated. The classroom and popular cultural inflate the self-esteem of the next generation by assuring them of their moral superiority to their parents and offering them independence from the authority and values of their parents in exchange for accepting the values and authority of the benevolent liberal state.

It’s a system that is less overtly cruel, but equally determined to replace the family unit with detached citizens cut off from being able to maintain and pass on a set of values opposed to those of the state.

The War on the Family ends with children, but begins by disrupting the relationships between men and women.

While liberalism’s War on Women meme and the sexism of Islamic law may seem like two opposites, they are actually mirror images of each other. Muslims teach men to hate and fear women. Liberals teach women to hate and fear men. Liberalism promotes paranoia about the intentions of men while Islam teaches men to be paranoid about the intentions of women.

Liberalism treats masculinity as a pathology. Islam treats femininity as the root of all evil. Both ideologies insist that one gender and everything related to it is inherently tainted and that the only way to maintain a good society is to purge that gender and everything it represents from the public square.

Liberalism and Islam both seek to create conditions of divisiveness that make trust between the sexes impossible. Even when men and women do connect, both ideologies work to create power imbalances, social, religious and legal, that make family life inherently unstable. Their goal is to prevent the family from becoming the center of human life. Instead the family is transformed into an alien condition that can and does end at any moment by preying on the fears and weaknesses of its participants.

Islam drives women out of public spaces by encouraging predatory male behavior. Liberalism encourages predatory male behavior by disrupting the moral values that keep it in check and then profits from the chaos that it has caused by promoting paranoia about predatory male behavior.

The unspoken truth of the War on Women is that the breakup of the family has made life more dangerous for women and men. It’s a statistical fact that crime rates increase for children from single parent households. Sixty percent of rapists grew up in single parent households. The real War on Women began with the War on the Family. That is also where it ends.

Unlike liberalism, Islam does not seek to eliminate the family, but to maintain its functionality at the purely mechanical level without allowing for healthy relationships. The members of the Islamic family are alienated from each other. The women learn to fear their husbands, fathers and brothers. The men know to distrust their mothers, sisters and daughters. A misstep can easily end in an honor killing.

Both genders view each other as dangerously unpredictable and predatory. Normal human relationships collapse under the weight of mutual distrust. The Muslim family is outwardly intact, but inwardly broken. Its members are united only by an even deeper suspicion and hostility toward the outside world. Muslim men know that women on the outside are even more immoral and untrustworthy than their female relations and Muslim women expect men outside the family to be even more dangerous.

The sex grooming scandals in the UK are an interaction between two networks of broken families. On one side are Muslim men who have been taught that women are barely human. On the other side are the young casualties of a nanny state that killed the family and replaced it with apathetic social workers and callous cops. The same phenomenon is taking place in Western cities across the world.

Islam destroys the family to create men with nothing to live for. The Muslim terrorist does not die for his family. The idea of dying to protect his wife and children has no emotional resonance for him. He can use women and children as human shields because they matter less than he does. It is his own honor that moves him far more than the lives of his family. Kill his children and he may forget. Humiliate him and he will never forgive. Promise him paradise and he will willingly die for a better world than this one.

The Muslim Jihadist does not submit to Allah. He submits to his own ego and kills in its name.

Liberalism however destroys the family to create helpless individuals looking for the next handout. The protégé of the nanny state is a coward. He is eager to join mobs, but does nothing as an individual. He creates nothing, and therefore has nothing to lose except his material possessions which he uses as gateways to the ‘fun’ that consumes his life. He is capable of violence, but only when he has numbers on his side. Family is a means of sharing resources, but not responsibilities. Like his children, it is disposable.

When families die, human beings begin reverting to a feral state. The inability to sustain family leads to the collapse of civilization. Liberalism and Islam both feed off the social failures that they manufacture.

The violent gangs of Jihadists that can pop up anywhere are symptoms of a society with large numbers of feral men. The rapists and killers of ISIS are animated by a profoundly different ideology, but behave similarly to gangs in Latin America and the United States. Islam and liberalism both produce large numbers of feral young men with no meaningful human relationships who derive their sense of identity from gang membership.

It is why Islam spreads so effectively in prison. The penal system is the ideal Islamic environment. It is a world without family and without choice where the only attribute is honor. It is also the inevitable consequence of liberalism. Liberalism kills the family producing young men destined for prison. Islam sweeps in to pick up the pieces and gives them purpose and meaning by turning them into killers.

Islam is a religion of the clan, not of the family. Liberalism organizes people along the lines of the group. Islam militarizes the clan into an expansionist force through conflict with other clans. Liberalism militarizes group identity into a struggle with every other group. Both promote conflict and isolation, uniting combatants through paranoia and hate, while dividing them so that they cannot make peace.

Liberalism and Islam both perpetuate the crises that keep them going through dysfunction. They can only thrive by maintaining a constant supply of unhappy people who have lost the ability to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. The biggest threat to their empires and caliphates of dysfunction is a strong family.

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