Susie Buffett's Muslim Brotherhood Romance

Warren Buffett’s daughter empowers terrorist front groups in Omaha.

Tri-Faith-Logo[For more information on the Tri-Faith Initiative's dirty little secret, contact Dr. Mark Christian at [email protected].]

Young "Palestinian" men attack people in prayer at a synagogue in Israel. Five are now dead, many more grievously injured. The scene inside the synagogue is horrific and the wounds suffered by the victims, both living and dead, are truly hideous.

As the news spread throughout Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, Jews and Christians sobbed while "Palestinians" celebrated, passing out candy and snacks as if they were attending some gruesome tailgate party.

HAMAS issued a statement describing the two perpetrators as "heroes." This is the same HAMAS that benefited from the money laundering activities of CAIR and ISNA in the United States; the same CAIR and ISNA that are prominently listed as “recommended reading” and partners in the Tri-Faith Initiative, right here in Omaha.

This is the same Tri-Faith Initiative that bills itself as an interfaith project to build “a multi-faith neighborhood of collaboration” between faiths, and to that end is co-locating a Synagogue, a Mosque and a Church all on the same physical campus, and inexplicably, refuses to disavow associations with known fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Despite being presented with reams of evidence from the FBI (which they studiously ignored and summarily dismissed), the leaders of the Tri-Faith Initiative have insisted on bulling forward with their project.

Dr. Mark Christian, the founder and Executive Director of the Global Faith Institute, has repeatedly called on the Board of the Tri-Faith to answer the question – “What do these groups provide that could ever outweigh the baggage they bring?”

The Tri-Faith board’s response has been a round-robin of defamation, legal threats and mockery. The board is indeed made up of powerful people in Omaha, and numbers Warren Buffett’s daughter Susie among its members. They have powerful friends and the ability to buy more.

What they do not have, is the support of the community of Omaha. Thanks to Dr. Christian’s tireless efforts, thousands of citizens are now aware of the dirty little secret the Tri-Faith had been hoping no one would discover – the fact that the organizers either never bothered to vet their new interfaith partners, or worse, saw the whole ugly truth and elected to hide it in service to some misguided notion of religious unity at all costs.

Either way, the citizens of Omaha now realize their city luminaries are actively running interference for well-documented and widely-known front operations for the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. Their reasons for this may never be fully known and it serves no real purpose to speculate, aside from posing the question on everyone’s mind: "What were you thinking?”

Just the other day, the UAE included CAIR and the Muslim American Society on their list of terror organizations. Why? Because even the UAE knows the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are inseparably linked.

As a writer, I have researched a great many stories on myriad subjects. Generally, it isn’t difficult for me to hold my emotions in check, to dispassionately appraise the information and write my remarks. It is very difficult to do so in this case.

I live in Omaha. My family is in Omaha.

I no longer care to hear platitudes and obfuscations from the leadership of the Tri-Faith Initiative. I will no longer accept half-measures and broken promises from our elected leadership in Omaha.

The most prolific purveyor of the Islamic supremacist ideology is the Muslim Brotherhood. They are the font from which ISIS, al-Qaeda, HAMAS and numerous others flow, and they are not an acceptable presence in Omaha.

My statement to Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert: You surely understand that we cannot safely afford to indulge Ms. Buffett's craving for an interfaith legacy any longer, until she and her Tri-Faith partners, Rabbi Azriel and Dr. Mohiudden, abandon their present course and cleanse this project of the involvement of CAIR, ISNA, the MSA and groups like them.

Surely, after the carnage recently in Jerusalem and the incarnate evil of ISIS butchery, it is abundantly clear that there can be NO room in Omaha for Islamic supremacists or the groups through which they do their work.


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