More Forgotten White Victims of Black Violence

What are their loved ones thinking of “white privilege”?

As BLM agitators and their leftist apologists in D.C. and the media engage in and excuse black mob violence over alleged “racism,” I can’t help but to think of the invisible white prey whose lives have been destroyed by black predators.  I can’t help but to wonder what may be going on in the heads of whites who have had their loved ones taken from them by black criminals as they are incessantly told that blacks are victims and whites victimizers.

What are Eve Carson’s parents thinking as their President and his wife lecture them about the travails of being black in America?

Eve Carson was a 22 year-old student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She was an honors student and the student body president.  From the time Eve was in high school, she had always been impassioned about community service, making the world better.

But on March 5, 2008, her dreams would be extinguished as two thugs, Demario James Atwater and Laurence Alvin Lovette, Jr. shot Eve multiple times.  Yet it was the shotgun blast to the head that ended Eve’s life.  Her killers were captured—but not before they were seen on surveillance trying to use Eve’s ATM card.

What are Jennifer Moore’s parents thinking as Hillary Clinton assures them that all whites are “biased?”

Jennifer was an 18 year-old from New Jersey.  In July of 2006, she was kidnapped, raped, and murdered by Draymond Coleman, a 35 year-old man with a lengthy criminal record. Police reported that Coleman beat and strangled his victim before stuffing her body into a duffel bag.

Before disposing of Jennifer’s body, he attempted to remove his DNA evidence by cutting her fingernails and scrubbing her body with alcohol.

What do Kristin Huggins’ parents think when Attorney General Eric Holder describes them as belonging to a “nation of cowards?” 

Kristin was an aspiring artist who had just graduated from Temple University in 1992 when she was commissioned to paint a mural in my hometown of Trenton, New Jersey.  On a busy weekday morning, as she was proceeding to park her Toyota in the lot behind the building where she’d be painting, Kristen was met by Ambrose Harris.  Harris was a career criminal who had spent all but two years of the previous 20 or so years in prison.

Harris carjacked Kristen, for he needed a car in order for he and his accomplice, Gloria Dunn, to rob the luncheonette that was located a few blocks away.  After stuffing Kristen into her tiny trunk, Harris drove to a secluded area where he sodomized his victim—even as this virgin pleaded for mercy.  Dunn later testified that Harris responded by calling Kristen a “bitch” and telling her to “shut up.” 

Kristen continued pleading as she trembled and cried.  Harris shot her twice in the face and head.  He buried her in a shallow grave.

Later, as he was cruising around the city in Kristen’s car, he boasted to acquaintances about having “offed” some “white bitch.” Unfortunately for Harris, he couldn’t figure out how to use Kristen’s ATM card. He did, however, hand over her car to some fellow thugs who were later caught driving around town. 

Harris also gave them her Blockbuster video card.

In court, Harris spat on the floor and made obscene gestures and smiles toward the parents of Kristen Huggins.

Though Gloria Dunn would eventually turn against Harris, she first led the police to Kristen’s decaying remains by lying to them.  Dunn, you see, had a sister who styled herself a psychic.  The two of them went to the police and claimed to have had a premonition as to Kristen’s location. 

It was only after Dunn and her sister inquired about the reward money that police realized Dunn’s involvement in the crime.

In response to a recent article of mine on the inter-racial violence that dare not speak its name, some commenters scolded me for failing to mention what some now call “the Knoxville Horror.” Though I have written about this in the past, given its lack of national media attention, it would be worth noting it again (and again and again). 

In 2007, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Channon Christian and her boyfriend Christopher Newsom, both in their early 20’s, were carjacked, abducted, and taken to the rental property of their five black kidnappers.  Chris was bound, gagged, blindfolded and sodomized with an instrument of some sort as well as by a person.  Next, he was shot multiple times in the head, neck, and back.  Finally, his body was set on fire, wrapped, and disposed of alongside railroad tracks.

Channon was tortured over a span of hours.  The medical examiner reported that she was raped repeatedly, suffering trauma to her vagina, rectum, and mouth.  While she was still alive, her assailants poured bleach down her throat and scrubbed her body with it in order to eliminate traces of their DNA. 

Three days after Channon and Chris met the scum that would end their young lives, police found Channon’s body stuffed in a garbage bag in a bin. She spent her remaining moments on Earth suffocating.    

What are the parents of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom thinking as blacks (and whites) howl over the “white privilege” under which blacks allegedly live?

Another black-on-white atrocity that the Obamas, Hillary Clinton, and every other “anti-racist” in the national media apparently missed is “the Wichita Massacre.”  In 2000, two brothers, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, upon arriving in town, embarked upon a week-long crime spree in Wichita, Kansas. During this time, they robbed one man, Andrew Schreiber, a 23 year-old assistant baseball coach, and shot to death a woman, Ann Walenta, a cellist and librarian in her 50’s.   

The Wichita Massacre, though, refers to the event that capped off the brothers’ week.

On December 14, the Carrs set upon three men and two women in their early to middle 20’s—Brad Heyka, Heather Muller, Aaron Sander, Jason Befort, and a woman now referred to as “Holly G”—as the unsuspecting victims slept in their home. Over a span of hours, the vermin beat, robbed, and sexually tormented their prey: the women were made to perform sexual acts upon one another, and the men were forced to have sex with their female friends. When one of the men couldn’t get an erection, the Carrs pistol whipped him. 

The Carr brothers also took turns raping the women. 

Near the end of the night, in freezing cold temperatures, the Carrs drove their victims to a snowy field, forced them to kneel on the ground and, in spite of pleas to spare their lives, shot each execution-style in the backs of their heads.  They then drove over their bodies in the pick-up truck that they stole from them.   

Four of the five died. Miraculously, “Holly G” survived. Though she had nothing on but a sweater and had endured unimaginable brutality, this brave soul walked nearly a mile for help. She testified against the Carrs and put them away for the rest of their wretched existence.

What do Holly and the parents, siblings, and relatives of the Carrs’ victims think when they are castigated for lacking mindfulness regarding their “white privilege?”