Newsmax: White House Challenges Horowitz Book, Doubts Trump Will Rescind Executive Orders

"The incoming president made a lot of promises about all the executive actions he was going to repeal..."

Reprinted from Newsmax

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Author David Horowitz's new book Big Agenda: Trump's Plan to Save America drew fire from White House Spokesman Josh Earnest on Tuesday.

Horowitz's new book, already topping the best-seller lists, asserts Trump's plan to overturn some 90 percent of President Barack Obama's executive orders, including ones related to Obamacare, work permits for undocumented workers, and gun control measures.

But Earnest told the White House press briefing Tuesday that Obama believes Trump will not go through with campaign promises.

Responding to question about Horowitz's claims, Earnest said, "What I can tell you is that President Obama has often made the argument that there is a difference between campaigning and governing.

"I know that the incoming president made a lot of promises about all the executive actions he was going to repeal,  but when he's responsible for governing the country, he will have to reconcile those promises with the impact — the negative impact — that following through on those promises would have on the country."

Earnest speculated the negative impact "may end up altering [Trump's] decision to follow through."

"But ultimately those will be decisions for him to make," Obama's top spokesman admitted. "The president did use his executive authority to our country's interests and to advance the agenda he was trying to implement," he continued. "The incoming president will have to determine how much of that he wants to roll back."

Horowitz's "Big Agenda" was released this week and immediately became a No. 1 political best-seller on Amazon.

Citing key advisers to Trump, the book reveals the incoming president's strategy to not only roll back Obama's progressive agenda, but cripple the Democratic Party as a force in U.S. politics.