Student Writer Wonders: Could Antifa Do More Harm Than Good?

A "proud liberal" suspects Antifa might be going a little too far.

A Texas-based website called, which features writing from "exceptional students" across the country, has posted an essay by Eric McInnis of Arcadia University which poses the burning question, "Could the Leftist Group Antifa Create More Harm Than Good?"

To reasonable people who pay attention to the news, it would seem patently obvious that the violent anarchists of Antifa have already created a lot of harm and zero good, but that's not how McInnis, and no doubt many other leftists, see it.

"The rise of nationalism and fascism in America has easily been one of the scariest movements within 2017," begins McInnis, who describes himself as "a proud liberal who leans into certain socialist ideals and policies."

He is concerned that since Donald Trump's "infamous election, far-right extremists have moved away from the dark caves where they belong and flaunt their blatant racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia for the world to see. It’s obvious at this point that America needs a hero, and one group named Antifa seems to have answered the call."

Let that sink in: this student believes that the masked thugs ganging up on innocent bystanders (because they, and not actual Nazis, are Antifa's primary targets), beating them with poles and bike locks, and destroying property simply for the thrill of anarchic destruction are the heroes America needs. Not the patriot citizens eager to Make America Great Again, but the domestic terrorists chanting, "No Trump, no wall, no USA at all!"

But even for "proud liberals" like McInnis, Antifa is taking things to an uncomfortable extreme: "[W]hile it’s wonderful [!] to see people stand up and fight back against such oppressors, the main question going on in my mind, as a liberal, is whether Antifa’s violent and destructive tactics are something to admire or something to concern."

If you have to puzzle over that, it's time to rethink a great many of your life choices.

Still, though, McInnis leans toward admiration of Antifa because their noble cause is just: "[I]f they’re attempting to defeat people that hold a disgusting and hateful ideology, there should be nothing to complain about, right?" After all, "it’s important to remember their actions are nowhere near as dangerous or reprehensible as their foes."

But as "a supporter of... peace, tolerance and understanding," McInnis feels that the anarchists need to rein things in a little. Why? Not because they are insanely, indiscriminately violent and seek the destruction of the United States," but because "their actions could very well lead to an eight-year Trump presidency."

And for Eric McInnes and so many other "proud liberals," nothing could be worse than two terms of a President who wants to make America great again.

Originally from TruthRevolt

Mark Tapson is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the editor of