Dems' DACA Demos

How sanctuary state California privileges illegals.

Since President Trump announced he would wind down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Democrats and their allies in the old-line establishment media have been showcasing prominent DACA “dreamers.” Math teacher Diana Montelongo is one of them and her case turns out to be quite educational. 

“Diana Montelongo came to the United States as a 6-year-old from Mexico,” Diana Lambert of the Sacramento Bee explains, “brought by her parents in search of a better education.” Diana and her parents are thus Mexican nationals who violated U.S. immigration law and are not supposed to be in the country. California is packed full of people just like that.

“Montelongo, 23, is one of about 5,000 educators working in California schools who are not just working with undocumented students but are undocumented themselves,” Lambert explains. That might surprise Americans and legally documented immigrants who are looking for a teaching job like the one Diana has.

Nationally California ranks fourth in teacher pay, with an average salary of $72,050, plus generous benefits. Many Americans want a job like that but foreign nationals in the country illegally took 5,000 of those jobs in California alone. So illegals do not, as their defenders claim, take only jobs Americans don’t want.

To work in California’s public schools you need a Social Security number for purposes of identification and the requisite paycheck deductions. Since Montelongo entered the United States illegally, at some point somebody either made up a Social Security for her or used a number that belonged to somebody else. Either way, this is document fraud, pure and simple, and that type of fraud is not exactly a victimless crime.

So the DACA types are not “undocumented,” as in the default, politically correct description, but false documented. California not only accepts their false documents but sees fit to privilege the foreign nationals who use them.

Diana Montelongo, Lambert explains, is “now a graduate of UC Berkeley.”  This too should be of great interest to California students and their parents.

Along with UCLA, Berkeley is the most sought-after campus of the entire University of California system, which serves the top tier 12.5 percent of California’s high-school graduating class. Lambert does not reveal where Montelongo went to high school, nor whether her grades qualified her for admission to the University of California.

In 1996, state voters passed the California Civil Rights Initiative, forbidding racial and ethnic preferences in state education, employment and contracting. On the other hand, UC President Janet Napolitano derides Proposition 209 as “legal barrier” to “diversity.” The high-profile Democrat was formerly Arizona’s governor and federal Department of Homeland Security boss.

Napolitano also founded and funded the UC Center for Undocumented Student Legal Service and forbade campus police to cooperate with federal authorities. As a result, the 4,000 or so illegals now in the UC system are the most pampered in the country. They pay in-state tuition and Napolitano granted them a $25.2 million aid package running through 2019.

Like thousands of others, Diana Montelongo is doubtless the beneficiary of these preferential UC policies. In similar style, the Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento gave her preference over legitimate applicants.  The same goes for the other 5,000 false documented educators California’s education system employs. This is a violation of state law on a massive scale.

“It’s not just our teachers,” Elk Grove Unified School District spokeswoman Xanthi Pinkerton told Lambert, “we have shortages of bus drivers and nurses. It’s concerning.” So this taxpayer-supported school district near Sacramento, like the entire government monopoly education system, is a virtual hiring hall for people who are not supposed to be in the country.

UC Berkeley grad Diana Montelongo, Lambert notes, is also working with Teach for America “to support students who are undocumented and fear they and their families will be deported.” California protects the false documented with a “sanctuary state” law now awaiting the signature of recurring governor Jerry Brown.

The prime mover of this law is senate boss Kevin de Leon, formerly Kevin Alexander Leon, who is on record that his own family used fake documents. How many legislators have done likewise has yet to emerge.

Mexico encourages its citizens to enter the United States illegally and avail themselves of the services Mexico is unwilling or unable to provide.  That’s how Mexico gets the United States to pay the tab for the “better education” that DACA demo Diana Montelongo sought. This is unfair to legal immigrants, citizens born in the United States, and all American taxpayers.

California politicians, school districts and education boss who give preference to false documented illegals should be required to register as agents of a foreign government. Janet Napolitano should be first on the list, and registering should not be a problem for Kevin “sanctuary state” de Leon. As his promoters in the Sacramento Bee explain, he “identifies strongly with Mexican culture.”

DACA, meanwhile, was an illegal act by the 44th president to expand the Democrats’ imported electorate. The Trump administration has good cause to end DACA at the earliest opportunity and go to the wall on border enforcement.