Islam Got Your Tongue?

We’re censoring ourselves, and so endangering ourselves.

Islam has the tongues of 99.9% of those in the entertainment industry.

Just this week, I read two news stories which remind me how far removed we are from taking on the Islamic enemy in a pop culture medium like comic books. In mainstream comics, post-9/11, Muslims are only portrayed as victims or heroes, and we’re portrayed as the bad guys. From the comic book news website, Newsrama, “A Superhero Take on the War on Terror in Acceptable Losses.” The comic book Acceptable Losses is written by someone from the UK named Joe Glass who created an LGBTQ superhero anthology series called The Pride Adventures. Newsrama tells us that his comic book explores “the never-ending cycle of violence in the War on Terror.” We’re told that the comic book “follows the story of the US Eagle, the only superhuman operative in the world, on a mission to take down a terrorist cell.” And –wait for it– “When the over-reaching ambitions of his commanding officers cause the mission to go completely off the rails, it starts a bloody path of revenge and murder that comes right into the heart of the US political home, Washington, D.C.” As always, even in a comic book purportedly about the “War on Terror” (when will that lousy term be retired?), we’re the enemy. And if that’s not bad enough, we’re told that this “thrilling” and “edgy” story (you know a story isn’t edgy when its writer tells us it is) “explores what happens when our own heroes become the terrorists.” This loathsome leftist hack is so gutless that he writes a story about “The War on Terror” where the hero who’s supposed to be fighting Islamic terrorists ends up being a terrorist. Somehow I don’t think he’ll be the target of any Muslim death threats, as his “plot” could well have been written by the Islamic enemy. If you’re not going to bother telling the truth about the Islamic enemy, then don’t bother writing a story about “The War on Terror.”

And the other story I read this week has to do with a comic book called Infidel (not to be confused with my comic book, The Infidel, featuring Pigman, which takes on Islam, Jihad and PC), which is now being made into a movie, directed by a Muslim. Here was a description of the series by the publisher, Image comics: “A haunted house story for the 21st century, Infidel follows an American Muslim woman and her multi-racial neighbors who move into a building haunted by entities that feed off xenophobia.”

Once again, Muslims can only be portrayed as heroes or victims, or you’ll be accused of “Islamophobia” and stereotyping Muslims. The Muslim terrorist IS a stereotype, but only in real life, not in fiction. Here’s a litmus test: If you write a story dealing with this post-9/11 world and you aren’t called “Islamophobic,” then your story is truthless.

If you haven’t sought out the truth about Islam, then you have no business telling a story that deals with Islam in any way. There are so called “truth-tellers,” and then there are those who tell the truth about Islam to a world that doesn’t want to hear it. And they’ll tell it no matter what. No matter how many Muslims threaten their lives for doing so.

And consider this: in the 17 years since 9/11, there have been only two cartoonists who were outraged enough to take on the Islamic enemy. Me and Frank Miller.

I figured that Miller would at least study Islam before he moved forward on his story, as I did. I was raised Muslim, but it was only after 9/11 that I did my homework on Islam and its motivational role in the 9/11 atrocity. But Instead, Miller said in interviews, “I don’t know squat about Islam.” Maybe that’s why his book, Holy Terror, doesn’t mean squat to me. It says nothing important about the enemy, or of us and the war we refuse to fight. And I say this as a long-time fan of Frank Miller’s, whose The Dark Knight Returns had more to do with me becoming a cartoonist than almost anything.

How the hell did we get to this sorry state we’re in?

9/11 should have precipitated the end of jihad, and it should have done so not long after the atrocity. Instead, the West lied to itself about what it faced, and the Islamic enemy was given yet another reprieve by its enemies, the kind it’s always gotten, and the kind it’s always counted on throughout history.

George W. Bush was told by his religion advisor, David Forte, right after 9/11, that “Nothing this evil could come from religion.” Forte was interested in defending religion, not in telling the truth. And Bush aped him, which ensured that many more innocents would be murdered by an enemy that we refused to understand, and this has tragically come to pass.

Islam has the tongues of all Muslims; that’s the given, as Islam forbids its followers to criticize it. But it also has the tongues of the vast majority of the powerful and the influential in the West.

Winston Churchill reportedly said about the World War Two film, Mrs. Miniver: "More powerful to the war effort than the combined work of six military divisions." Churchill understood the power of art.

We need honest stories, stories that show this enemy for what it is, which might remind us who we are, or what we’re supposed to be. We have so much to fight for, unlike the enemy. A culture that’s afraid to tell the truth about an enemy at war with it is signaling defeat and resignation to that enemy. This Must Change.