French Canada vs. Sharia

Quebec courageously introduces a bill that says no to the niqab. Will other Canadian provinces follow?

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Multiculturalism is threatening to ruin Canada by purporting that all cultures are equal.  How this definition reconciles those cultures that practice and affirm Sharia Law with that of our democratic system of human rights is beyond reason.

The niqab is a sticky point in Canada.  It is the ultimate symbol of female oppression.  It also denies the rest of society the right to see what could be hidden under that garb, translating into potential safety and security issues.  As for the importance of body language, it is the primary way we communicate and a critical factor in law enforcement and in our courts.

Last year in Ontario:

A judge has ordered a Toronto woman to testify without her niqab at a sexual assault trial – raising the thorny issue of whether Muslim women should be allowed to appear as witnesses wearing a veil that covers everything but the eyes.

A relative of the woman said it’s distressing the judge has exceeded his “jurisdiction and ventured into the interpretation of religious laws concerning the veil, not to mention the fact that … (she) has observed the veil for many years in accordance with her” beliefs.

Full Story here.

Though a sensitive issue and any fair thinking person can sympathize with the pain of this victim, her relative needs to wake up and realize that she is not in a country governed by Sharia.  Witnesses are routinely scrutinized and body language is revealing.

So now, sparks are flying in Quebec over the niqab.  Traditionally Liberal Quebec has ironically introduced Bill 94 which requires people to show their faces in order to receive government services, for reasons of identification, security and communication.

There is nothing unreasonable about this.  In fact 95 percent of Quebecers support the bill according to an Angus Reid poll, while 80% of Canada as a whole supports it, yet there are those radically opposed to the bill, branding it as discriminatory and even racist.  In fact, a day of Action was even planned by the Non/No Bill 94 Coalition Press, comprised largely of far left feminists.

Day of Action on May 18 that will demonstrate national opposition to Bill 94, the sweeping legislation proposed in Quebec that would deny government services to people who wear face coverings such as the niqab (or face veil) worn by some Muslim women, and to demand that this legislation be immediately withdrawn.   The Non/No Bill 94 Coalition Press Release

For a list of supporters for the subjugation of women through the niqab click here.

These feminists have a twisted understanding of what human rights means. They are supporting the subjugation of women under the multicultural pretext, disregarding the relentless warnings from moderate Muslims who accurately understand what enslavement means.  While these feminists continue to fiercely oppose Western women who embrace their femininity–and even scoff at the choice to stay home and raise children–they fight for the "rights" of Muslim women to be stripped of their personhood.  Moderate Muslims rail against the niqab:

There is no requirement in Islam for Muslim women to cover their face. Rather, the practice reflects a mode of male control over women. Its association with Islam originates in Saudi Arabia, which seeks to export the practice of veiling — along with other elements of its extremist Wahhabist brand of Islam.

If readers have any doubt about this issue, they should take a look at the holiest place for Muslims — the grand mosque in Mecca. For over 1,400 years, Muslim men and women have prayed in what we believe is the House of God. And for all these centuries, female visitors have been explicitly prohibited from covering their faces.  (Tarek Fatah, National Post)

How about if  the husbands or boyfriends of these radical feminists shoved them under a black burka, even in scorching summer heat?  Another missed factor by these misguided feminist cads:  physical abuse can be easily hidden under masses of black cloth.

This insanity is driven and propelled by special interests bent on stirring up trouble.  Salam Elmenyawi, head of the Muslim Council of Montreal  called Bill 94 “very troubling and serious” since the government has allegedly tailored legislation that “points a finger” at the Muslim community.

He predicted that if the bill becomes law, it will be challenged as an infringement of the freedom of religion guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  (National Post)

Canada continues to be torn apart under a multicultural banner, cheered on by Leftist ideologues and agenda driven fundamentalists. The forces of Islamism are insidious and determined. Bill 94 represents a critical positive step that hopefully other Canadian provinces will follow.

Christine Williams is the producer and host of the Canadian National Talk show On the Line on CTS TV, which has been recipient of 6 International Awards. To read Jamie Glazov’s interview with her at Frontpage, click here. She can be reached at [email protected]