The Left's Lust for Black Gangstas

Why progressives disallow an honest discussion about a subculture that has devastated the black community.

Fox correspondent Erik Rush has just published a book, Negrophilia, with a profound premise. A biracial conservative, Rush decries the Left’s slobbering love affair with blacks.  Like necrophilia, liberals’ obsession with black people is a sick and creepy fetish.

In 50 years, this country has traveled from segregating blacks to elevating them onto pedestals.  But not all blacks, of course;  not Condi Rice or Thomas Sowell or Rush himself.  Liberals save their lust for liberal PhDs like Cornel West, as well the black urban underclass.

Of course, you can’t say any of this out loud.  Citizens are forbidden to challenge anything connected to what’s been dubbed “black culture,” even though this subculture is at odds with how most blacks, decent and law abiding, actually live.

It’s off limits to question rap music that celebrates snuffing out cops and ho's. Whether it’s behavior that is wholesome or loathsome, any criticism of blacks is out of bounds.

On the contrary; whites emulate blacks.  Suburban boys wear their pants down low, wishing that they too were gangstas.  They call their girlfriends “bitches” and use all the latest urban slang.   Of course, the masses flocked to the untested, unvetted Barack Obama because he’s a liberal black, and, therefore, cool and exceptional.

What gets shoved under the rug are the unsavory aspects of this subculture, which have devastated the black community.  It is not uncommon for a gang initiation rite to include a gang rape -- often of a white girl.  Further, no one talks about promiscuous behavior that leads to unconscionably high rates of HIV, teen mothers, and abortion.

To say out loud that too many black children grow up bereft of the love and protection of a black male is to be a racist.   So is bemoaning a welfare system that has rendered black men inconsequential.   But isn’t it racist to set the bar so appallingly low?

The Left is not just ga-ga over blacks.  Radical Islam is as captivating to them as a rare, exotic bird.  Let’s call this other fetish Muslimphilia.

Radical Islam, of course, poses an even greater danger to the West.   And they wage not only war against the West but towards their own people.  Women aren’t just treated as a man’s mattress.  In many Islamic nations, women are kept in abject servitude.

And it’s not just women: in many Muslim cultures, homosexuals are beaten,  imprisoned, even stoned to death.  Pedophilia is rampant within a culture that perverts healthy sexuality.  And yet liberals, supposed advocates of the oppressed, don’t utter a peep.

Some liberal luminaries, such as Anette Bening,  and Naomi Wolf, go one step further and actually advocate practices that ravage women and children. While living in the lap of luxury and freedom, they don head scarves and defend the dreaded Burqua.

Emboldened by liberal enabling, Radical Islam finds new and insidious ways to worm itself into this culture.   Most brazenly,  there’s the proposed new mosque at ground zero in Manhattan, slated for opening next year, 9/11.  Closer to home, the first Muslim college has opened in Berkeley, just minutes from my office.

Why have the masses become smitten with Negrophilia and the Muslimphilia?   Why are cultures, with an underbelly of violence, viewed as superior to our own?

It’s all part of the Left’s game plan to destroy this nation from within.  Decades ago in Germany, the Frankfurt School realized that the working class would never rise up against the wealthy because they wanted to be one of them. As an alternative,  the masterminds plotted rotting the West from within.

Later, the 60s radicals, such as Bill Ayers, were smart enough to infiltrate every aspect of society, from universities to public schools, from government to the pulpits.   By brainwashing the masses in moral relativism and political correctness, the average citizen could no longer distinguish between right and wrong.  Furthermore, continually beating the drum about slavery, segregation, and the “genocide” of Native Americans would overwhelm liberal whites with unbearable guilt and shame.

It’s all worked according to plan:  now, white people are considered bad;  brown and black people good.  Gays are cool.  Straights, boring.  God -- well he’s so 1950s.

Without a Higher Power as an anchor, people are easily led, even to their own demise. Just like those stuporous Jim Jones followers who voluntarily drank the Kool Aid, people welcome their new veiled neighbor with open arms.

The Left is a shapeshifter movement with ever changing disguises. Decades ago, they were in-your-face Marxists in military garb.  But today, wearing the disguise of the enlightened intellectual, they trick and manipulate the gullible masses.

The radicals know that a nation cannot survive if it turns on itself.   When children learn to be repelled by their Founding Fathers and their history, maybe even the color of their skin, a country hangs by a bare and tattered thread.

Further, a naton cannot endure when an administration targets its own people, suing and spying on them.  We have an Attorney General who refuses to use the T-word (terrorist) for anyone aside from his own citizens.  Our President feels so repulsed by the people he’s serving that he bows down and apologizes every chance he gets.

What the Left is fostering is not just Negrophilia and Muslimphilia, but something even more dangerous --- Americaphobia.    This is an irrational fear and loathing for this country and its people.

Obama and his minions are spreading Americaphobia far and wide, like a virulent virus.

They do this every time they smear a good, decent America as a racist.  And they create a virtual epidemic by embracing every tin pot dictator who licks his lips at the prospect of American’s demise.

Meanwhile, liberals don’t utter a word of protest.  They robotically defend Obama, while plastering "coexist" bumper stickers on their car.   Liberals look the other way when a Jihadist slaughters l3 soldiers, including a pregnant woman,  at Ft. Hood.   When a black man mows down eight coworkers,  liberals assume he must have been a victim of racism.

They don’t say a thing.  They wouldn’t dare.

Robin of Berkeley is a “recovering liberal” and a licensed psychotherapist in Berkeley.  She has published over 65 articles on, and has been interviewed on the Michael Savage and the Rusty Humphrey radio shows.   You can email her at: [email protected]