Into the Heart of Terror

A new book tears the "progressive" mask off the Left.


Jamie Glazov's new book, "Showdown with Evil: Our Struggle Against Tyranny and Terror," is a fascinating collection of 29 interviews that he has conducted as editor of The interviewees are leading intellectuals and newsmakers who have devoted considerable brainpower to the issue of modern terrorism, including Victor Davis Hanson, Norman Podhoretz, Christopher Hitchens, Phyllis Chesler, Andrew McCarthy, Theodore Dalrymple, Kenneth Levin, Robert Spencer, Andrew Klavan, David Horowitz and William F. Buckley, Jr.

The result is a thought-provoking, if frightening, look at the world situation.

Glazov is well-qualified to conduct these interviews. His parents were dissidents in the former Soviet Union. When he was 7 years old, they were given the choice of emigrating or being imprisoned in the Gulag. They left, and both of his parents wound up as university professors. Glazov himself earned a Ph.D. in history with specialties in American, Russian and Canadian foreign policy. He clearly understands the value of freedom and the need to fight for it.

The interviews are fairly short – 3 to 18 pages each – so they are quick and easy to read. In most cases, the interviewees discuss books that they have recently written, and the content is riveting. The novice looking at this field will be shocked, but even those well-versed in the subject will learn much.

For several years, I have taught a class on "Terrorism and the Law" at the University of Mississippi School of Law. Despite having followed these issues fairly closely, I was surprised to read about the terror-related connections of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group that presents itself as sort of an Islamic Anti-Defamation League. American philosopher Noam Chomsky's praise of Hezbollah also surprised me, though maybe it should not have.

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