The World’s Funniest Klavan on the Culture Bloopers

The Post-American Presidency


A new book exposes the Obama administration’s war on America.

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The Arrogance of Brilliance


How many will die from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s reckless self-absorption?

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Charlie Rangel’s Enablers


Transparency never stood a chance.

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D.C.’s Race Quota Job Boom


Employment’s only a problem if you have the wrong skin color.

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Sharia in a First Amendment Society


Would the constitution framers have countenanced the erection of a statue of King George on the site of the Boston Massacre?

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Israel’s Enduring Strength


A new Gallup poll reveals an intriguing tale about the happiness of Israelis.

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The Madness of Gaddafi


Libya’s unstable leader reveals his ruthlessness at an international conference.

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The Tax Man Faces the Tax Cheat — In the Mirror


Charles Rangel has been in Congress for four decades. Until recently, he chaired the powerful Ways and Means Committee, the chief tax-writing panel in the House of Representatives. And now, House investigators have charged him with 13 ethics violations including failure to report (and pay taxes on) $75,000 in rental income plus at least  a half-million […]

Arizona vs. Obama, Round 1

Arizona Immigration

A federal judge’s ruling delivers the Obama administration a victory at the expense of Arizona’s citizens.

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