Glenn Beck’s Rally

DC Rally

There’s a new reason for the talk show host to top leftist hate lists.

Obama’s Human Rights Disgrace


The administration sets up America to be judged by some of the most vicious despotisms of all.

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To Build a Mosque


Why the “they can build it anywhere else” argument may, in the long run, prove to be a serious strategic mistake.

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Looking for Islamophobia in all the Wrong Places


The Left reacts to the stabbing of a NYC Muslim cabbie with its usual wish-fulfilling fantasies.

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A Giant of Jewish History


Commemorating the 70th anniversary of Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky’s death.

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Sacrificing Future Generations


The rotten seeds of the handout culture.

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Bad Faith at Ground Zero


Pat Condell’s new hard-hitting video on the stunt Islam is trying to pull off in America.

Thomas Perez: Obama Appointee Sees U.S. As Land of Discrimination

Thomas Perez

Thomas Perez, President Obama’s assistant attorney general for Civil Rights, sees America as a nation replete with racism and discrimination. He has helped lead the fight against Arizona’s recently passed anti-illegal immigration bill. And he was a key force behind the Justice Department’s decision to dismiss its case against two Philadelphia-based members of the New Black Panther Party who had […]

Transcending the Becklash


The cable TV host’s rally in Washington delivered a message of unity and integrity — his critics remain as divisive as ever.

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David Horowitz Debates the Ground Zero Mosque


Frontpage Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and contributor Daniel Luban go toe-to-toe.

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