The Left’s Peretz Problem


The forces of political correctness try to silence a critic of radical Islam.

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Senate to Obama: Respect Israel


The president’s on notice.

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Family of Shadows


A new investigative memoir explores a century of murder, memory, and the Armenian-American Dream.

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Infecting Iran’s Nuke Program


Sophisticated virus is used to hijack nuclear-related computers.

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Britain’s Holocaust Secrets Revealed


The silence is broken over the U.K. government’s assault on Jews fleeing Hitler’s death camps.

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What the Media Missed at the U.N. Summit


Obama’s policy toward Israel received rave reviews — from the head of the Islamic bloc.

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Patty Murray: Democratic Dummy


The dim-witted senator who thinks Osama bin Laden isn’t such a bad guy.

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The One Freedom Big Government Progressives Won’t Touch

No one ever pretended that leftists use a right and wrong kind of logic. So it stands to reason that they would craft a system that legalizes the killing of unborn babies under the banner of individual rights. While in Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 28, Barack Obama reiterated the Clinton era talking point when [...]

Barack Obama Rolling Downhill With Rolling Stone

President Barack Obama decided to trash Fox News and the Tea Party movement yet again – this time in the same magazine that brought down the President’s hand-picked general leading our war effort in Afghanistan. Yes, I am referring to that stellar example of serious and objective journalism, Rolling Stone Magazine. Obsessed with the one TV network that [...]

The Left’s Bag Man, Drummond Pike, Abruptly Quits Tides Foundation

The money man behind some of America’s most radical, destructive leftist groups has abruptly quit the funding entity he created. Sixties radical Drummond Pike founded the shadowy Tides Foundation which is suspected of being a major funding conduit for the nation’s preeminent funder of radical causes, George Soros. (Pike is at the right in the [...]