Hot Post:Facebook’s Child Porn Subculture Baffles Executives, Challenges Parents

Read the original post and comments first published here. Without doubt, the Internet has wormed its series of blissful tubes throughout our lives. It’s what we check in the morning, what we look at during the day, what entertains us at night. It provides news, products, business opportunities, conversation, relationships, self-promotion and endless distraction. An [...]

The Top 8 National Races To Watch This Tuesday

To hear it told, the 2010 election stands to be one of the most historic in recent memory. And it’s likely true. Two years after Barack Obama promised “hope and change,” we’ve seen just how little hope that failed change has brought us. Four years after the Democrats launched a charge against a lackluster Republican [...]

Yusuf Islam’s Greatest “Hit”: Riding The Peace Train And the Fatwa Against Salman Rushdie

The absolute, club-footed idiocy of asking Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens) to perform “Peace Train” at the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert “Rally to Restore Sanity” has been well-remarked upon. You can only shake your head and cackle in disbelief. It’s the perfect poison Halloween treat. James Hudnall at Big Hollywood: “And to show how inclusive they [...]

Hot Post: When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife, Congressman Wilson?

This Hot Post was first published on October 27, here. Seriously, though—when did Congressman Charlie Wilson (D, OH-06) stop beating his wife?  Moreover, why is the media covering this up? Two weeks ago, Big Government editor Mike Flynn obtained Belmont County (Ohio) court documents that revealed that Wilson repeatedly beat his wife Clara, to the point [...]

Top 10 Excuses Democrats Will Make for Why They Were Destroyed in the Midterm Elections

Some are perennial favorites used by both sides, some are leftist projections of Democrats’ dirty intentions, some are theories concocted especially for this unique political climate. Whatever their provenance, let’s make sure these specious explanations are top-of-mind so we can be prepared to shoot them down when commentators start filling the airwaves with them on [...]

Hot Post: And the Oscar Goes to … Racist Jew-Hater Jean-Luc Godard

This post originally appeared on October 25, 2010. It was inevitable. Given the increasing pressure on liberals, especially artists and writers, including Jewish artists and writers, to prove that they have the right/left politics–properly pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, anti-Judaism, and anti-American–Hollywood is giving an Honorary Academy Award to French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, an historically important director but [...]

Hot Post: Newsflash: Journalists Who Don’t Take Themselves Seriously Captured on Film

Editor’s Note: This popular post was first published on October 27 here. We bash the MSM a lot here at NewsReal, and for good reason. The legacy media clings to many now-debunked myths of their own importance. The average person still thinks All the President’s Men is a documentary, that Walter Cronkite convinced LBJ that [...]

Hot Post: George Clooney Shocks “Real Time” Audience by Defending Conservatives Against Maher Smear

There is a quote wrongly attributed to Winston Churchill, the true origins of which are disputed. It goes something like this. If you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you’re not conservative by 35, you have no brains. The sentiment is half right. Conservatism certainly results from prioritizing reason above empathy. [...]

The Top 7 Horror Movies for Conservatives

A lot of “conservative movie” lists really push the meaning of “conservative” beyond its strict dictionary limits, veering into the realms of libertarianism, Objectivism and anarchy. (Starship Troopers [1997]?! Not sure what Burke or Kirk would think of those co-ed showers…) Frankly, the following list is no exception. I don’t mean to suggest by using [...]

Insane: New York Times Sells False Meme of ‘Reasonable’ Stewart-Colbert Rally

Cross-posted from American Power. Folks at the fish wrap of record really do need to get out more. See, “At Rally, Thousands — Billions? — Respond” (at Memeorandum). The unwavering message is that the Stewart “Rally for Sanity” was uniquely reasonable, ” a political event like no other.” I wasn’t there. But I’ve live-blogged this [...]