The 10 Most Leftist Albums Ever Made

What albums might Leon Trotsky have done some head-banging to if Josef Stalin hadn’t sent an assassin to shove an icepick through his skull? Answer: the 10 Neo-Communist (and some flat-out communist) titles on our list. We count them down from the more benign Democrat-supporters to outright totalitarian radicals. Included in this collection are alternative, [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: What’s gun control got to do with it?

This post first appeared at Salon, on July 6, 1999. The other day I picked up a phone message from a woman concerning a charity event for homeless youngsters that I was helping organize in Hollywood. The woman is a liberal, and she said she had found a friend who was willing to volunteer her [...]

Adopt a Dissenting Book: Tenured Radicals

The Freedom Center’s new campus campaign will aid students in encouraging their professors to adopt books into their classes which express ideas that are often neglected in today’s academia. To download the student guide click here. Sign the petition to adopt a dissenting book here. To read David Horowitz’s speech about the campaign click here. At NRB we’ll [...]

Taming the Wild East: Arab Honor Killings in Israel

The Arab and Muslim world are, by nature, chronically violent. In addition to tribal and family feuds, religious and political wars are ever-constant, as are slavers, gun-runners, pirates, tyrants, torturers, and garden-variety thieves and gangsters. Add the routine and savage persecution of non-Muslims and Muslim dissidents, the savage subordination of women, the rise of jihadic [...]

The Sexist Left’s Mafia Mentality When It Comes To Conservative Women: The Christine O’Donnell Edition

One thing you have to understand about politics is that the Left’s extraordinarily vicious, misogynistic attacks on women like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Christine O’Donnell are not just about them personally. When it comes to conservative women, Ann Althouse summed it up well when I interviewed her for a RWN [...]

Disgrace: Hollywood Helps George W. Bush’s Most Famous Fake Victims Rewrite History

A secret agent and her hubby, keeping a low profile. It looks like the new history-rewriting movie Fair Game, starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, isn’t enough to satisfy Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame’s quest to stay relevant. In a fawning, uncritical retrospective on their “victimization” at the hands of the Bush Administration for the [...]

Israel Must Say “No” to the Peace Process, Sooner or Later

Israel must say “no” to extending the freeze formally or de facto. Israel must also say “no” to the peace process sooner or later. Even if Israel continued to build and the PA was prepared to return to the peace process, Israel should refuse to negotiate unless of course she is prepared to swallow the [...]

Bill Clinton And Obama White House Serve Up Their Latest Dirty Trick Just In time for Halloween: Pressure Black Democratic Candidate To Quit Florida Senate Race To Help Elect Turncoat Charlie Crist

With Halloween right around the corner, Democrats are serving up plenty of tricks in addition to their usual scare-mongering. Their latest dirty trick has turned up in Florida, where they are seeking to fit a Democratic mask on an erstwhile turncoat Republican and cajole the real Democratic candidate for Senator out of the race. The first ‘black’ president [...]

Powerful Saudi Prince Says Mosque Should be Moved From Ground Zero- “Out of Respect”

Billionaire Saudie Prince and Rauf contributor tells the Imam to move the Ground Zero mosque.

Five Reasons O’Reilly Shouldn’t Play Kissy Face with CAIR

Last Thursday’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor, with Juan Williams, scored big with the public, drawing nearly 4.3 million viewers.  Among the 25-to-54 age group, the demographic most important to news advertisers ,O’Reilly was on top with 1.04 million, compared to Olbermann, a mere 317,000. So O’Reilly is highly motivated to follow-up on the story [...]