Is the Conservative Media Really Anti-Feminist? A Pioneer Dissident Speaks Out

Recently, a good feminist—yes they do exist–someone who has fought in the trenches for years on behalf of battered and raped women—implored me to stop publishing at this site. She said that I was the only “real,” pioneer feminist left standing who had continued to engage in the most important battles which humanity now faces. [...]

Help! Congress is Holding Us Hostage!

“It is hard to believe,” weeps Saturday’s New York Times, “as the holidays approach yet again amid economic hard times, but Congress looks as if it may let federal unemployment benefits lapse for the fourth time this year.” Now, nobody likes being held hostage.  But precisely who is holding whom? The Leftist media would have [...]

Global Warming Fearmongers Offer Further Proof Of Widespread Alarmism

The radical environmentalists are at it again, bringing their joy-killing alarmism to the Yucatan’s party capital. This year’s Climate Change Conference is being held in sunny Cancun, Mexico. Last year’s highly touted conference was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was, in a huge irony, blanketed with four inches of snow during the final day of [...]

The WikiLeaks State Department Disclosures – Another ‘Vast Conspiracy’ Against Hillary Clinton?

Right on cue, the New York Times has proven the point I made in yesterday’s post entitled “The Obama Administration Benefits From WikiLeaks.” I argued that the obliging press, led by the New York Times, is spinning selected cables released by WikiLeaks to bolster the Obama administration’s narrative that it has saved the world from [...]

We’re all Israeli’s

Wikileaks Cables Expose John Kerry as an Enemy of Peace in the Mideast

When Barack Obama became president, he finally put one issue to rest: No, the Democratic Party is not pro-Israel. But the WikiLeaks revelations have now put in doubt another claim: that the Democrats want peace for Israel and her neighbors. The question is raised with regard to John Kerry, the Democrats’ previous standard-bearer. One of [...]

Muslim Patriot on National Security: “Profile me. Profile my family.”

In the wake of the Transportation Security Administration’s outrageous new pat-downs and full-body scans at airports, several prominent conservatives, including Sarah Palin and Charles Krauthammer, have called for racial/ethnic profiling as a more effective, less intrusive alternative security measure. But while leftists will react to them as they always do—call them simple-minded, knee-jerk bigots—they’ll have [...]

Leftist Open Borders Agenda Kills Another Innocent American

23-year old Virginian, Casey Bohr, most likely knew nothing about  leftist organizations like the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund(MALDEF) who are hell- bent on destroying U.S. sovereignty by pushing their open borders agenda. He and his mom were just driving home on East Patrick Henry Boulevard outside of Richmond, Virginia Friday evening when another car sideswiped [...]

Yes, WikiLeaks’ Latest Document Dump Is a Big Deal

If conservatives are outraged about something, you can bet that Peter Beinart will soon be on the case, there to explain why it’s no big deal and you should just go about your business. Today on the Daily Beast, Beinart explains why the latest batch of revelations from Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks is an overblown drama: [...]

Left-Wing Bloggers Thoughtlessly Echo False Accusation

There is a certain danger in relying upon information from a blog. That may seem an odd statement to encounter in a blog post. Even so, it is true, and there is no point in pretending otherwise. I can tell you from personal experience that the necessity to produce content nurtures the tendency to regurgitate [...]