Israel’s Referendum Law: Protecting Democracy

P. David Hornik is a freelance writer and translator living in Beersheva and author of the book Choosing Life in Israel. 


The Israeli people become more powerful players in the peace process.

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Happy Thanksgiving! (From Fidel and Che)


Remembering the death and destruction narrowly avoided on Black Friday, 1962.

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The Tide Turns for Daniel Ortega

Rick Moran is blog editor of The American Thinker, and Chicago editor of PJ Media.His personal blog is Right Wing Nuthouse.


But Nicaraguan democracy may pay the price.

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Robert Pape: Blaming Suicide Bombings on the “Occupation”


Is terrorism against Israel ever the fault of religious fanatics?

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Al Gore’s Green Blasphemy

Rich Trzupek is a veteran environmental consultant and senior advisor to the Heartland Institute. He is the author of the new book Regulators Gone Wild: How the EPA is Ruining American Industry (Encounter Books).


Ethanol is a disaster — but is it too late to change course?

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Oil Producers Bullied

Tait Trussell is a national award-winning writer, former vice-president of the American Enterprise Institute and former Washington correspondent for The Wall Street Journal.


Money and manpower is no object in making Big Oil toe the line.

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Debbie Schlussel Stands Up for Persecuted Christian Teachers – in America

Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's editor. He holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the author of the critically acclaimed and best-selling, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror. His new book is High Noon For America. He is the host of Frontpage’s television show, The Glazov Gang, and he can be reached at Visit his site at


Will you help a federal lawsuit to defend teachers being attacked by Islamic supremacism in an American high school?

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Jim Clyburn: Personification of a Degraded Party


The third-leading Democrat in the House sees the bloated welfare state as an ideal worth striving for.

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The War on Conservative Teachers


How the Service Employees International Union is driving conservative teachers away from America’s institutions of higher learning.

The Madness of a Twisted Faith

Howard Hyde is author of "Pull the Plug on Obamacare," available in Kindle and paperback editions from More information, bibliography, table of contents and notes are available at his website:


Katrina vanden Heuvel reminds us of the Left’s sad economic illiteracy.

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