Religious Left Charges America with “Murder”


Absent the United States, would the earth really revert to an Eden, where death exists no more?

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The “Fair Pay” Hoax


Deflating the left-wing canard.

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Murder Made Easy


UN badly bungles investigation of Lebanese prime minister’s assassination.

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The Thomas Friedman Bubble

Thomas Friedman strikes me as a creepy guy. Keep in mind, we’re talking about man who openly admires China’s lack of democracy because he thinks it would make it easier to get things done. Clearly, Friedman is not the sort of person who can be trusted with power, which is why it’s probably a good [...]


WikiLeaks has struck again. Although most are of the mind that the website and its deranged proprietor, Julian Assange, undermine U.S. and world security, one also wonders if America’s preeminent papers play a role in this as well. The New York Times, for instance, was all too happy to give readers an early preview of [...]

Boys Will Be Boys… or Girls… or Both… or Neither

I have a friend who used to be a guy, but now he considers himself a girl. He posted this on Facebook today: Reteaching Gender and Sexuality from PUT THIS ON THE MAP on Vimeo. The main point being, there is a current campaign out there to teach “queer” youth that “it gets better” so [...]

The Obama Administration Benefits From WikiLeaks

The Huffington Post is running an interesting article today entitled “The WikiLeaks Release: Blame the State Department, Not the World’s Media,” by a writer for the Guardian and the London Sunday Times, Simon Jenkins. He pointed out that the material leaked by WikiLeaks, and published by the New York Times and other newspapers, not only lacked top-secret [...]

Hear No Evil? See No Evil? Could WikiLeak be an Inside Job?

WikiLeaks, the controversial website started by “Chinese dissidents” and run by Australian journalist, Jullian Assange, has been caught reading America’s diary again. This violation of America’s top secret information seems more like a a tsunami than a mere “leak”- wiki or not. I can’t help but have an “I see dead people” kind of sixth sense on this issue; [...]

Facebook Reawakens The Lactivist Monster

There are few people easier to offend than the “lactivists.” These are the breastfeeding moms who think that breastfeeding is akin to something holy and sacred, and get outrageously outraged if you mention that formula-feeding is just as good as breastfeeding — and even more so if they aren’t allowed to breastfeed anytime, anywhere they [...]

Wikileaks brings you tabloid gossip; nothing special

Last week, the United States warned Wikileaks and several countries not to publish thousands of classified diplomatic documents. It was said publication of these documents would be dangerous and could cost lives. This seems strongly put: Some documents are at best embarrassing, while the rest contains nothing new nor sinister. Wikileaks latest scoop reminds me [...]