4 Rebuttals to Critics of Oklahoma’s Anti-Sharia Law

Criticism of the Oklahoma constitutional amendment (Question 755), which prohibits state courts from “considering or using” international law or sharia, was expected.  Interestingly, though, the specific critiques have not been well considered. We begin with a concession. There is no dispute that Question 755 was poorly drafted and, as such, criticism directed at the legal [...]

What’s Next? Commie Action Figures?

Just in time for Christmas the extreme-left Nation magazine is offering figurines of two of its heroes for sale: Noam Chomsky and the late Communist historian Howard Zinn. The items are being offered as part of the Nation‘s online auction to raise money. They’re perfect gifts for your favorite sneering, out-of-touch limousine so-called liberal friends [...]

The “Settlements” Obsession

I recently spoke at length about Islamic gender and religious apartheid in the Arab and non-Arab Muslim world. This was, perhaps, the first time that anyone had ever focused on this subject at this distinguished Ivy League university. I described both the level of poverty and illiteracy in the Arab and Muslim world and the [...]

Spanish Super-Villain Takes Over the Sun!

Back in the ‘90s, there was a concerted effort among movie producers to develop a new Superman film. Few of the people involved were devoted to the comic. A plethora of treatments floated around, each of which left much to be desired. One of the ideas that came and went was that Lex Luthor and [...]

Glenn Greenwald: The FBI Created A Terrorist That the US Deserves

To Glenn Greenwald, the word of a 19-year-old Islamic terrorist is worth far more credence than the sworn testimony of the FBI field agents who caught him. Greenwald, in a Sunday Salon.com column, informs us that the FBI may have arrested a terrorist in Oregon, but he is a terrorist of their own creation. How [...]

Top 10 Kid’s Movies With Hidden Conservative Messages

Here we are at the beginning of the Holiday “season.” All parents know that these breaks bring with them pleas from children for some extra time in front of what my priest refers to as “the magic lantern” and my husband calls “the devil box.” There is truth in each of these labels, but most Moms [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: My Encounter With the Enemy in Milwaukee

This article originally appeared at FrontPage Magazine, on May 13, 2008. While waiting to speak at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee last night, I was given a tour of the Student Union, the venue for my talk. The Union building also houses the offices of student clubs, funded by mandatory student fees. On the bulletin [...]

Adopt a Dissenting Book: Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime

The Freedom Center’s new campus campaign will aid students in encouraging their professors to adopt books into their classes which express ideas that are often neglected in today’s academia. To download the student guide click here. Sign the petition to adopt a dissenting book here. To read David Horowitz’s speech about the campaign click here. At NRB we’ll [...]

Even in Oregon


Reaction to the Portland jihad-bust follows a sadly familiar pattern.

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Getting North Korea’s Attention


Three methods to deal with the rogue nation’s madness.

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