Judeophobia vs. Islamophobia: Racial Profiling in the American Intelligence Community

Has the American intelligence community embraced Judeophobia? And if so, why do we hear so much more about “Islamophobia”?

Abortion: “Jersey Shore” Style

Leave it to MTV to take one of the most contentious issues of the last 50 years and turn it on its head. They present girls seeking abortion as more responsible and, oddly, as better parents than those who decide to keep their babies. The end result is a program that marginalizes parenthood and ultimately celebrates a culture of death.

Television Turned Against Women’s Rights in Afghanistan. Where’s Cultural Imperialism When You Need It?

Television can be a force for liberty in totalitarian and theocratic societies, but it can be used to thwart liberty, as well.

Fascism Coming? Communist-Loving Congressman Doth Protest Too Much

According to excitable one-termer John Hall America is on the verge of descending into Fascism.

Radical-In-Chief: Truth Finally Comes Out On Jeremiah Wright Connection

New book gets the facts straight on Obama’s connection to Jeremiah Wright. Not only did Obama know Wright’s views, but he agreed with many of them and saw Wright as a key to political change.

Adopt a Dissenting Book: Christopher Caldwell’s “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West”

The Freedom Center’s new campus campaign will aid students in encouraging their professors to adopt books into their classes which express ideas that are often neglected in today’s academia.

Salon’s conspiracy

This article was originally published by Salon on April 20, 1998. Salon is in the news. Stories by Murray Waas and Jonathan Broder concerning Whitewater witness David Hale have ratcheted up the Clinton assault on special prosecutor Ken Starr. They have been cited in the pages of Time magazine and the New York Times, and [...]

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Our Top 10 Most Popular Top 10 Lists from 2010

FrontPage’s Person of the Year: The Tea Party


Too momentous a year for one individual to carry the honor alone.

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The Highs and Lows of 2010


A few bright spots provided glimmers of optimism in what was otherwise a very turbulent year.

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