FrontPage’s Person of the Year: The Tea Party


Too momentous a year for one individual to carry the honor alone.

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The Highs and Lows of 2010


A few bright spots provided glimmers of optimism in what was otherwise a very turbulent year.

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The Left’s Embrace of Murderous Fantasies


A new book deconstructs the cult-like thrall to which leftists enthusiastically submit.

Union Snow Sabotage in New York City?


Was the failure to plow city streets payback for budget cuts? How many lives did it cost?

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Turmoil in Lebanon


Democracy hangs in the balance.

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Judaeophobia vs Islamophobia


Racial profiling in the American intelligence community.

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Guilty of Being Right


Mikhail Khodorkovsky is being punished for the Russian regime’s sins.

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The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama


David Rubin’s “The Islamic Tsunami” issues an impassioned call to the Western world.

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How Can You Defend Israel?


Yes, I’m proud to speak up for Israel. A recent trip once again reminded me why.

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Cartoon Rage in Denmark


How continuing jihadist plotting over Muhammad cartoons threatens us all.

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